6th March 2018

Work is now under way on drafting the spine of a new short story series that I intend to bring to you folks soon.

This particular story will take place in a part of Ayl’gard that has been eluded to in the past, as well as delving a little more into the details of one race well known for their barbarity. I have wanted to visit this location, which is essentially their homeland, for a while now and so this mini series will present the perfect opportunity to bring a little background and lore development to one of the darker parts of the realms.

Instead of bringing it to you in one big chunk, this time I will offer smaller bites to hopefully keep your appetite wanting more as opposed to gorging on one big plateful. I have no idea why this update has deviated into meal metaphors. Maybe I should get some food.

See you soon. Nom!


4th February 2018

Well, well reality. We meet again.

I recently began work on bringing a new story to these here pages and were it not for the cold, bastardy of one of life’s ‘fun’ little deviations giving me a bit of nudge in the wrong direction, albeit temporarily, I think I would have something to show a little sooner.

An illness revealed itself to me in the late hours of this last Tuesday evening like the grim, malicious prick that it was and decided to sap me on my intent for a good few days. I’m fine now though. That ‘demon’ has been well and truly evicted from me and good riddance. Time to get back on the road.


30th January 2018

New year. New start. New look. My website, not my clothes.

So folks, it’s been a while. Six months, give or take a few days. Although this site has been around since 2016 in some form or another, I thought it would be a good idea to start fresh with a new layout and so…here it is. Snazzy, isn’t it?

I have removed approximately 60-70% of my old content for a number of reasons, that I shan’t bore you with, however I have kept some of the more pertinent and insightful entries for this new era. The purpose of this page is to keep you guys up to date with any news or changes that may be coming in the future. I thought it best that I keep this ‘news section’ separate from the main part of the site which will be reserved mostly for blog posts and my works of fiction. 

If you are visiting for the first time then I bid you welcome. If you’re returning to join me here anew, then I offer a most hearty welcome back.

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