A Milestone Forged of Five Hundred

Greetings folks and welcome again.

I know it has been a little while since I came to you with my fictions of fantasy and musings born of causality, pens and papers all cluttered amongst the candlelight, ready to forge my reverie anew. But like a wondering wave in the ocean water, I’ll always come back ashore, eventually.

Bloody hell, that ended up being a little more melodramatic than I intended. Oh well, sod it! I think you can tell I’ve had a few days away. My inner muse is getting it all out of our system in a great, big splurge of creative word slush. Truthfully, I’ve been a little under the weather lately. I’ve still managed to get to work and back but the process has left me a little drained to do much else. Its nothing too problematic though. Last I checked I still had all of my appendages intact, I think. Hold on a second…..

*Wanders off to the bathroom to make sure nothing fell off during the night!*

All good. Just a few beard hairs gone astray. It looks like some of those growing on the left side of my face are desperately trying to escape, the ungrateful, gravity defying buggers. Anyway, my faculties are returning to some degree of normality now, if ‘normality’ is or has ever been the right term to describe my faculties, and I would like to address something rather good that happened recently.

Whilst sifting through the many wonderful works made by you good people in our community I happened to notice that a new milestone has been surpassed here at the Forge. I know the numbers relating to our statistics are relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of it all but every so often, they do tell their own tale. As of the last couple of weeks, WordPress follower number 500 granted me the privilege of allowing me to attain that little notification, the one that offered some semblance of acknowledgement and congratulations.  An appreciation inspiring acknowledgement that, little by little, you good folks are joining me as I continue with my writing and my work toward my overarching projects.

To all of you who have joined me over the last year and some, whether from the beginning or just recently, I offer you my heartfelt gratitude once again. I doubt I’ll ever reach monumental numbers of followers in the tens of thousands but I am not too fussed about it if I’m honest. I’ve achieved something I already consider to be significant by gaining the recognition and support that many of you have offered up to this point and if I ever come to feel that isn’t good enough, then I hope I one day come to possess the ability to reach forward in time from this hour to give future me a mighty slap in the face. Or the groin if he pisses me off enough!

One of the last times I reached a milestone, a few months back now, I commemorated the event by doing my first Q & A post where you guys submitted some questions to me that I could answer to the best of my ability. And I did so as you can find out below.

Letters Forged from Curious Thoughts

Well, I thought we’d give it another go, only this time with a bit of twist to the context of it all. Since that day I have offered various excerpts and segments of my work relating to my world of fantasy that is Ayl’gard, and many of you have been good enough to read, absorb and engage me in conversation about what I written here and brought to the Forge. There is a fair amount available so far but there is also so much written down and rattling around in my mind that I have yet to bring out of the shadows and into the candlelight.

So to celebrate this little achievement, I would humbly ask you to join me in conversation once again as I aim to do my second Q & A for the Forge. If any of you have any questions or have ever wanted to know a particular something, anything about the world of Ayl’gard and all that it entails, then this is your opportunity. If this is the case, please post your questions in the comments below, or send me a message if you wish, and I shall endeavour to respond to each of them in next posting I provide. Feel free to ask me whatever you like and as many questions as you like. For those of you finding me and my realms of fantasy fiction for the first time and would like to know what in the bloody hollow (reference!) I am prattling on about, then you can discover for yourself on the following page.

The Realms of Ayl’gard

Cheers and thank you again kind folks and followers for joining me here this day and in days past. I shall raise my glass to you all. Well, mug. I’m drinking tea right now. HURRAH!

Forged From Reverie.

Post Unum Centum

Apologies to the linguists amongst (← say those two words five times really fast!) you that excel in the use of Latin if I have thoroughly bodged up the appearance of my title, I just wanted to add a bit of pomp to these proceedings to celebrate the creation of post number 100 here at the Forge. To add to that notion we have a bit of a triple celebration going on as we have achieved the completion of a trio of milestones.

Since the inception of this site I have now managed to produce copious quantities of word waffle as well as prattle on for a century of pages dedicated to all of the wonderful subjects that sit on the shelves of this archive forged from my reverie. More amazingly, I have gained the attention of many of you fine folks who have ventured here to have a gander at the words and writings that I have to offer. To sum it up and boil it down to pure numbers (and who doesn’t like statistics, right?), here are the milestones that have all converged together at roughly the same time.

  • During the latter days of March 2016, from that sunny afternoon that the fires of the Forge were first set alight, I have completed and published a grand total of 100 posts.
  • Very recently, from the swathe of talented creators and writers that make up our community, just over 300 of you have chosen to follow these pages.
  • Combining all of your recognition together from the lands of Facebook, Twitter and WordPress, there are now over 1000 fantastic folks that I can humbly acknowledge as followers of Forged From Reverie.

Thank you to all of you for choosing to acknowledge and appreciate what I have done, for taking the time to read my words, for commenting to add to the conversation, for sharing my posts as well as your own works with me and for just being all around top notch people, so much in fact that I would gladly shake the hand of each and every one of you.

There is also an exceptional selection of you that deserve even more than that, alas the borders and distances of our world continue to stifle our personal connectivity, impeding our potential for some splendid finger fondling (still referring to the handshake). Instead please accept my utmost gratitude and know that I will continue to be fervently grateful for who you are and what you do, no matter how inconsequential you consider it to be.

If any of you would like to connect with me elsewhere in the domains of the internet then you can do so at the following:

Facebook – If you have a Page of your own I would be happy to oblige.

Twitter – Feel free to follow the Forge and I shall do so in kind.

Google+ – Any and all support is welcome.

Once again, gratitude to all of you and I look forward to connecting with you all in whatever way you choose.

Forged From Reverie.


Our Digital Community

It can be an overwhelming prospect to start a project or website of your own on the internet. It doesn’t matter what field of interest you wish to pursue, chances are that there are already thousands, if not millions, of others doing something very similar to what it is that you wish to accomplish. Many would look upon this gigantic canvas of faces, each speaking or shouting to be heard, to have their voices stand out from the crowd, and wonder why they should even bother trying to carve out their own little piece of the puzzle that is the digital community. Some might spend hours of their time trying to figure out exactly what it is they think they could bring to the gathering. And there are those who would stampede into the herds headfirst as they furiously attempt to acclimate to their new environment by throwing themselves and their work onto the canvas and may judgement and criticism be damned!

So what happens when you are standing on the diving board staring into the vast ocean of writers, filmmakers, bloggers, vloggers, artists, documentarians, musicians and creators of all things magnificent and unique in their own individual way? Do you dip your toe in the sea to test the waters? Do you swim in the shallow end as you try to find your footing? Or do you dive in and allow yourself to be consumed by the waves of curiosity, the seas of self-realisation and the oceans of the enigmatic and the ever-blue expanse of endless forms of entertainment, artistry and culture.

Jodie Recommendation Image

Dear Jodie of Skate Fast, Turn Left on WordPress was one of the first to offer, and still continues to offer, her support.

I’d say that ultimately it should not matter how far or how deep you wish to allow yourself to be consumed by the sea, just go for it and jump in. You are not alone. Even if you struggle to sway against the tide, there are so many who will come to your aid and help you to learn how to swim.

Since I recently made the decision to take the plunge myself I have found myself on the receiving end  of praise, support and an overwhelming feeling of belonging to a community of people who understand what I am going through and know what it is to contribute, not only for themselves but for others also. From kind comments to people who praise my contributions as they pass by, I am and will continue to be thankful for how welcome and supported I have felt and still feel now. I do not even have a problem with most forms of criticism as the likelihood is that it would be constructive and helpful rather than demeaning and disheartening. If you have questions, there are answers. If you have doubts, there are places to look for assistance and inspiration. If you just want to add your voice into the conversation, I guarantee there are those who are willing to listen.

Cory and Kristin Image

Cory Williams of SMP Films and Dude Like Hella on YouTube is a great example of one who has helped found and continues to offer support to our community.

The digital world is not an open field full of walled off castles where people try their best to conquer and control the fates of their enemies. It is true that there are some cutthroat bastards who value profit and popularity over community and good will. But for the most part, those of us who dwell here are willing to lower the drawbridge, open the gates and welcome all who wish to enter. Growth and the environment to thrive are assets lauded by those of us who seek to support and nurture each other. My own work is just one example that has seen improvement just because I have ingratiated myself into our digital community.

Second Ant Image

My brother from another biological mammalian source that tends to produce offspring. Mr Anthony Nicholas whose contributions, visible on Facebook and Instagram, to this site have been tremendously helpful and welcome.


Yes, there are those who like nothing more than to skim read or view a person’s hard work to try to find that one little piece of thread that they can twist in their own minds into something crude or worthless to the overall equation. They will try to pull at it until they produce the equivalent of digital excrement just to get even the slightest feeling of what they perceive to be some sort of accomplishment or satisfaction in their pitiful minds to fuel their own feelings of inadequacy or boredom. But these folks are few and should not serve as a deterrent to those of you still questioning your capabilities. Battling against adversity and a determination to continue, especially against the ignorant few, are qualities to be commended and expanded upon. Those who forge ahead with an iron will can get far, but you can find kindling in the support of your peers and fellow creators to refuel the embers of your fire when doubt sets in. Please allow yourself to add something to our community if that is what you truly want to do.

Vicki 11

My greatest supporters in work and in life. Thank you.

So to you kind souls of the digital communities of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and most especially that of WordPress, you have my gratitude. To Vicki and Oghren, Jodie, Ant, my friends and family on Facebook, kind strangers of Twitter, content creators of YouTube like Cory Williams (It’s a beautiful day here…) and the guys at ROST (It’s good for you!) as well as the many of you here on WordPress (see the Forge Community section) who I wish I could thank individually for your support – thank you for making my journey so far an enlightening and uplifting as well as an entertaining one. I have had no regrets since I first lit the fires of the Forge not long ago and I hope to be able to continue not just dwelling, but also excelling within the depths of my reverie.

Thirty Me Image

Cheers from Me!

So take care and my deepest apologies (lol deep – I’m still doing it!) for all of the swimming in the sea references (and now I want to play Bioshock), ironically I cannot actually swim myself – TWIST ENDING!!

Forged From a grateful Reverie.

Cover photograph provided by Anthony Nicholas.