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War at My Door: The Third Day

Erin. Why am I even doing this? I’m writing letters to you and yet I know that you will not receive a single one. A senseless task if ever there was one. But writing them is the only way I can pass the time without feeling so alone. These letters I write, the company of the rats scurrying in the dark and the dim … Read More War at My Door: The Third Day


War at My Door: The First Day

Erin. It’s finally happened sister. Ingrid warned us they would come but no one would listen to her. Everyone said she was a mad old cow, that the war would never reach us, that the Legion would stop them. It turns out the old crone was right all along. The Dothylfar have invaded the Westervale. They came in the dead of night and killed … Read More War at My Door: The First Day


The Morning Sun

This is a song once sung centuries ago by the sons and daughters of Ayrlaston to raise their spirits and rally their hearts as they marched to into battle at the behest of their Kings.   The battle horn sounds as we go to war One by one we stride into the fore By our Lord’s command we will cross the shores And we … Read More The Morning Sun

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