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My Tomb at Night

When we sleep we are not dead, nor are we truly alive. And I despise it. To close my eyes each night and lose myself to the world as it continues on, going about its business without me, is a loss I cannot abide. Yet I have no choice. Our internal mechanics decree that without sleep, we cannot function as we should. Without these … Read More My Tomb at Night


The Year 2016: A Villain or a Victim?

The year 2016 will likely be one that shall be noted in the annals of history as a black year. A blip in the progress bar of human evolution. A soggy, tear drenched scroll of irredeemable squalor. Its ink is rancid and its words are harrowing. How dare such a sequentially organised period of time have deigned to exist and play out as it … Read More The Year 2016: A Villain or a Victim?


The Magic and Misgivings of Meticulous Maps

I have always had an affinity for maps for as long as I can recall and it is a fascination that I still maintain to this very day. When I think back to my childhood I remember having vague recollections of drawing out crude charts of our local surroundings as I would journey with my mother and sister to wherever it was that we … Read More The Magic and Misgivings of Meticulous Maps

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