Tag: Sorrow


The Price of Fealty

The country of Lochland has never really known true peace since the first settlers landed on its shores centuries ago, long before it acquired its present name. Tales of sadness and sorrow are no strangers to the people of the winter lands. The great Houses that rule the Court of Winter are quite content to feud with one another until the influence or possible … Read More The Price of Fealty


A Lament for Wars True Woe

In centuries yet known From eons untold War welcomes the fire Step forward the bold   A warm hearth to lie by He pleads do not cry Tender sorrowful words A wife’s final goodbye   Her majestic caress Such loving embrace Though never again Will he bask in her grace   The battle horn blows For the young and the old Thundering steps beyond … Read More A Lament for Wars True Woe

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