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The Grey Wolds

The Ogres, or O’kr as they call themselves in their own basic way, of the Highlands that dwell in the north of the Lands of Winter are a savage, bestial and unrelenting race of hunters. They live for the chase, strive for the prize and seek their prey with an excitable thirst for blood and honour. To the Ogres, the races of men and … Read More The Grey Wolds


Sun Kissed & Moon Blessed

The ancient race of Ayl’far were united as one A vast and blessed realm of grace they had long become Until war and partition shattered the light that shone Now they are divided, this once sacred union undone   On a throne of sun the Mithylfar reign Mighty and proud of their dominion claimed They will honour their lost brothers with naught but disdain … Read More Sun Kissed & Moon Blessed

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