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The Beard is Feared?

Have you ever stopped to consider what an age we live in when it comes to the ability to change and customise our appearance, how we look, and how as a result we are perceived by others? The options are seemingly limitless when you think about choices in clothing and attire, tattoo possibilities, surgery implemented bodily enhancements, the ability to reconstruct facial features and … Read More The Beard is Feared?


Who Decided It’s Horrible?

As a lifelong Englishman living in England, a country that has an English propensity for rain, I tend to hear these words very, very frequently. “Oh, it’s raining again. What horrible weather!” Why is it? Who decided that the rain is horrible weather? Was there some meeting that happened two hundred years ago where the opinions and actions of the nation would be carved … Read More Who Decided It’s Horrible?

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