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Remnants of a Shadowmancer

‘Where is he now, Guardian?’ The Arch Magister’s words echo loudly across the halls and through the wings of the now almost entirely vacant Citadel. All mages, merchants, scholars and any whose rank does not read Guardian or Magister have been confined to their quarters, for their own protection. ‘He’s been taken down below, by order of the Commander.’ ‘And is he secure?’ ‘Yes, … Read More Remnants of a Shadowmancer


War at My Door: The First Day

Erin. It’s finally happened sister. Ingrid warned us they would come but no one would listen to her. Everyone said she was a mad old cow, that the war would never reach us, that the Legion would stop them. It turns out the old crone was right all along. The Dothylfar have invaded the Westervale. They came in the dead of night and killed … Read More War at My Door: The First Day


The Flow of Inspiration

As a writer and avid contemplator of subject matter weird, wild and wonderful I have felt the creative push and pull of two opposing forces. They are both unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable as they vie for the dominant perspective within my mind. On the one hand I have the blazing fire of passion and inspiration. A furious inferno of thought that represents a powerful … Read More The Flow of Inspiration

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