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Tell Your Eyes to Shut Up

Never in the existence of our species have we been so exposed to what could be considered sensory overload. The sights, sounds, smells and the touch of our environment can be a bit overwhelming if we allow it though I strongly believe that many of us have learned, albeit unintentionally, how to ‘tune out’ much of the background information assaulting us from every angle. … Read More Tell Your Eyes to Shut Up


Bioshock Infinite: A Vigorous Perception of Fantasy

The use of magic can appear in many forms. It is a more commonly renowned phenomenon in the works of fantasy but it also has its place in the genre of science fiction. The interpretation of what is magical is actually entirely dependent on the person who is perceiving the use of magic. To one who is knowledgeable in the ways of science, say … Read More Bioshock Infinite: A Vigorous Perception of Fantasy


When Horror Doesn’t Horrify Anymore

Horror is a genre that encompasses a large variety of source materials and mediums of entertainment with its most primary goal to attempt to scare the absolute poop out of you. All hail Cthulu! Whilst not necessarily the most popular genre out there I would bet that most, if not all of you, have had some sort of experience that has caused your eyes … Read More When Horror Doesn’t Horrify Anymore

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