Highborn & Aeon Blessed

Our Q & Ayl’gard – Part 3


Welcome to part 3 of our continuing Q & A series my good lords and ladies. That was probably one of the most British ways I could have opened these proceedings but the topic of nobility does play an important role for this post. Anyway, another question follows in the wake of your previous inquiries as we touch upon the subject of character development and my own personal bias toward the ones that I have created.


‘Do you have a favourite character you’ve enjoyed writing about the most?’


The characters that populate the genre of fantasy have a tendency to fall into specific groups or tropes that, whilst offering a sense of familiarity to the reader, have the potential to render them a little bland. Sometimes. You have your warriors, your roguish types, sorcerers, your nobles and peasants, the dark lords and heroes of destiny and everything that falls in between. These are some of the basic templates of what many have come to expect from those who dwell in the worlds of fantasy fiction.

From the pool of characters populating my own world, those that I enjoy writing about the most are the ones that I give permission to myself to really expand into something more unique and complex. They may begin as your typical, insert cardboard character variant here, archetypes but then I’ll dwell on them a little and pick out the ones that have the most to say and try to evolve them into something a bit more colourful than the bland grey they started as. It also helps to pique my interest if they happen to have powerful magicks coursing through their veins as well. Some of you may be able to tell but I’ve got of a bit of a ‘thing’ for magick wielders. Just a bit!

To coincide with this preference, I have found myself developing certain characters, mages, that also happen to be members of great Houses and powerful families. It is not a certainty that being a part of these Houses would guarantee being born into magick but it occurs within these realms with surprising regularity. Mostly because I made it to be that way but that’s the way I like it! One type of power combined with another can breed all sorts of intriguing plot lines. Amongst my populace, it is well known that being born into certain Houses increases your chances of acquiring the ability to wield magick. Specific elements in particular. I suppose with all that power, you may be inclined to wonder just how some of them rose to prominence in the first place.

Are you wondering about that? Hmm? You see, now I’m wondering if you’re wondering about that which I once wondered some time ago and that if you are wondering about it now then it makes me wonder that whether or not this wonderment was worth the wondering to begin with – I wonder! The word wonder has now lost all semblance of credibility and sense to me. It’s like saying the same thing to yourself over and over and it eventually just starts to sound like a nonsense word. Now I’m wondering which word you are thinking about repeating into oblivion. Dammit, let’s get back to the topic!

I’ll give you some examples of what I was previously referring to. Being born into the lineage of House Emberheart will vastly increase your chances of becoming a pyromancer. The House of Goram has a tendency to produce a high amount of stoneweavers, also known as earth mages. Like I mentioned previously though, it doesn’t guarantee you an awakening to magick as an Aeon blessed mageborn. However, within their bloodlines lies dormant power going back through the ages that originates from a time before written history. Several generations may come and go without a single mageborn child coming to power and of course, they are not the only ones able to wield these elements. You may have the fortune, or misfortune, to gain these abilities no matter where you are born. I like the fact that what makes some of these Houses special is that they have a history based not only political and economical dominance but also their increased likelihood to have mages born into their families. And you just know that they have taken advantage of the fact throughout their own histories.

To go back to the original question, I enjoy writing about mages and especially those who are born of a noble House. There is just something about utilising the complexity of the ruling classes and their varying agendas and having it interwoven with the arcane intricacies of the power of magick that appeals to me and thus I have written a fair amount of characters to this regard.

A few examples of this include Isabelle and Aeliana of House Emberheart, grandmother and granddaughter who are both pyromancers. Alden the Elemagus, current Arch Magister of the Aeon Citadel and a distant exile from House Lockewood. The Citadel is home to Luther, a stoneweaver from the previously mentioned House of Goram, along with his uncle, Guardian Master Aleksandr. There is also Elrik, one of the surviving sons of Baron Edrik Thorn, who is carving out a reputation as a powerful waterweaver and a strong candidate to one day succeed his father, though his is a tale tinged with grief and a great burden to bear.

So to sum up, if you happen to be someone who was born into the nobility of Ayl’gard with the power of magick at your fingertips then there is a good chance I’ll be spending a good amount of time developing you into a figure of prominence. Even characters that are remotely related to these lineages are of great interest to me such as the descendants of a fallen House that once produced some of Ayl’gard’s most powerful cryomancers, ice mages. They are so far removed from their birthright to the point where they aren’t even aware of their former prominence yet the fact that I, the writer, is obviously aware makes the connection oh so tantalising for me. They now walk a bitter road amongst a trail of frozen leaves, misplaced and far gone from a history steeped in ice and stone. Tantalising!

I would like to thank Ignited Moth for providing the question for this topic discussed during part 3. I certainly hope my response was satisfactory enough to sate your curiosity.

I Need to Return

A dramatic title isn’t it but a poignant one also, I think.

Surrounded by candlelight I would write for many hours long into the night. From the dark of the waning eve, guided by the dancing shadows from the dim lit light, my imagination flourished until my vision was in sight.

In the final days of the month of March this year of 2016 I managed to reach a fairly significant milestone. I had reached an apex and achieved something that I had been contemplating for a while as I finalised the first draft on a project that had taken up quite a lot of my time. It was and still is a labour of love, self reflection and an opportunity to discover whether or not I could do what I set out to achieve.

It was at this same time that I decided to expand my ideas and capabilities into the world of blogging, to tread new waters and to test myself anew, thus this site that you are now gazing upon (and hopefully enjoying to some extent) was created to give me an additional outlet for my writing and my many, many musings. The furious flames of fervent imagination from this Reverie fuelled Forge have been blazing for almost four months now and I am a little proud of what I have achieved so far.

*Raises head and adopts a proud face only to berate oneself almost immediately into shameful submission*

Goddamned pride, you smug bastard!

Once more I would like to extend my eternal gratitude to those of you who have decided to walk this path and take this journey with me. Words cannot truly express just how grateful I have been and still am for your time, your kind comments and your support.

However, I feel that it is now right that I should return to this project that has been waiting for me to come back to it like a small puppy that whines and cries at me until I finally submit. It is in need of revision and possibly some rewriting in certain areas and I don’t imagine it will be finished for quite a while yet. I do wish that I could explain more about what I am referring to, and one day I sincerely hope that it will be in such a state of refinement and completion that I will be able to tell you all about it. One day. And that is a day that I am genuinely looking forward to.

I shall not be abandoning my efforts here though, the fires of the Forge shall remain lit for as long as I am able to keep writing with any modicum of worth and I will be honoured if you decide to stay with me for the long haul. If I could reach into this computer and shake your hand, I would.

Once more I thank you all and I look forward to reading more from you lovely folks. Take care.

Forged From Reverie.

Time For A Little Change

Greetings folks.

I would like to announce that over the coming days I’ll  be making some changes to the site. It won’t be undergoing a massive overhaul, just some behind the scenes changes to streamline some of my content as well as introducing some new elements.

I will not bore you good folks with the details but it will involve merging some content into different categories and moving my short stories from the Main Menu and over into the Categories section under a new heading. As a result you may see these little insights into my world reappear on my site and social media postings as they reach their new home.

And that leads me nicely onto the biggest addition to this update.

What some of you may not realise is that these stories of mine, and the ones to follow in the future, actually take place in a fictional world and within the same world of my own creation. One of the original intentions of this site was to give you an insight into this place and so I will be doing so in more ways than just through the eyes of my characters and their stories.

Soon I will give you all a proper introduction to this world. This world of mine that begin its inception into my thoughts and thus my stories back in 2012. It has been a long time coming. Soon I will be able to finally write something I have been wanting to write for some time now.

Soon I will be able to say Welcome to Ayl’gard.

Forged From Reverie.

Cover photograph provided by Anthony Nicholas.