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A Lament for Wars True Woe

In centuries yet known From eons untold War welcomes the fire Step forward the bold   A warm hearth to lie by He pleads do not cry Tender sorrowful words A wife’s final goodbye   Her majestic caress Such loving embrace Though never again Will he bask in her grace   The battle horn blows For the young and the old Thundering steps beyond … Read More A Lament for Wars True Woe


A Will of Bitter Winter

The bright, white moon shines above in the sky, clear and far, whilst the red moon wanes. Samaia, the goddess of life and rebirth, has dominion this night over her sister Ashyara, the goddess of death, as the white moon shines strong. The snows of the Lochlands are falling softly and silent in the lands of winter. Meredith Lockewood, the only child of Lord … Read More A Will of Bitter Winter


The Lost Heir of a Broken Line

Blind Mans Road. It is a name that was given to one of the perilous mountain paths that leads to Amberfall, the golden city of the Summerpeak Mountains famed for its glorious, if a bit rain-ridden weather, magnificent architecture and the infamous Aeon Citadel. Most of the time, travellers are able to navigate this road with ease, often stopping as they do to observe … Read More The Lost Heir of a Broken Line

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