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Gravegarden: The City of the Dead

“When the Red Moon rises and blooms a bright blood sky, Ashyara, the Lady of Death and most revered Dark Goddess, will walk amongst the garden of graves to watch over the honoured dead.” Surrounded by tall, stone watchtowers that burn the endless white green fire of hallowed flame and guarded by those condemned by law to watch over the dead stands the City … Read More Gravegarden: The City of the Dead


My Own Apocalypse

As gamers, film goers, watchers of television and readers of books, most of us have likely come into contact with a popular and very specifically gruesome sub-genre known as the Zombie Apocalypse. For some reason or another, whether it is the result of a science experiment gone wrong in Resident Evil or as most often is the case they have simply arisen due to … Read More My Own Apocalypse

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