The Guild of Reverie

“From Reverie, We Forge”


Here lies inscribed the names of those who have earned an elevated status in the halls of the Forge. As members of this guild, these good folks are hereby recognised as blazing beacons of encouragement, interaction and appreciation. They who have championed my works and supported me as I continue my journey as an author of fantasy and writer of reverie, will always be welcome here as members of the Guild of Reverie.

As a gesture of gratitude, they have earned an honorary title and home within the fictional realm of Ayl’gard. If this were a world set in some sort of online multiplayer role playing game, I would happily go questing with each and every one of you. Hands off the mage gear though, I have perpetual dibs on those loot drops!

I’d like to mention that for those of you who appear here, this doesn’t mean I will be using your name or likeness for my own benefit by any means, nor shall I be writing you into the actual fiction of this or any associated project. The Guild simply represents a fun way for me to incorporate my feelings of appreciation towards you in the most fantastically thematic way possible.

Stained Glass Hall Image

Victoria Mann – The Incredible Craftswoman, city of Covenraen via Minerva’s Emporium

Kindra Austin – The Mother of Magpies, city of Amberfall via Kindra M. Austin

Jac Forsyth – The Peruser of Peril, city of Daggeron via The Perilous Reading Society

Nancy Jean Walker – The Wildflower Wordweaver, the Cherrywood via Living Life Fully

Shadow Summit – The Ryllian Reveller, base of the Godspeak via Tales of Ryllia

Dark Gingerbread –  The Bitter Bearer, city of Meriden via DarkGingerBread

Ignited Moth – The Muse of Mothfire, city of Frosthaven via Ignited Moth

Cupcakes and Machete’s – The Cleaver of Baked Goods, city of Westharbour via cupcakesandmachetes

Orangutan Librarian – The Predator of Prose, city of Wintermere via The Orangutan Librarian

Original Phoenix – The Boundless One, coastlands of Kyr’Qandor via Confessions of a Reborn Girl

Inese – The Mistress of Memories, the woodlands of Dyan via Making Memories

Karen Viramontes – The Purveyor of Passion, town of Greenmeadow via Karen Viramontes

JR Handley – The Star Scribe, city of Aetheria via J.R. Handley Blog

Clive – The Orator of Optimism, town of Riverend via Take It Easy

Shameful Narcissist – The Fanatic of Fantasies Final, town of Wykonhall via The Shameful Narcissist Speaks

Arcane Halloween – The Arcane Agent, city of High Kairon via Precinct 1313

Seven Candles in the Dark Image

Thank you and congratulations to all who are named as Guild members. If you have a spare moment, please visit their respective sites/blogs to show your support.

31 thoughts on “Guild

  1. Thank you, I’m honoured, though I think my latest post was more of a whinge than optimism! I’ll check out fellow Guild members, as you suggest. All of them are new to me, so this will be a voyage of discovery.

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  2. Amberfall, YAASSS!!! “Mother of Magpies.” Thank you, Stuart for this honor. Most importantly though, thank you for YOU. You are more than a brilliant writer to me; I’m happy to call you friend. ❤

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