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The Morning Sun

This is a song once sung centuries ago by the sons and daughters of Ayrlaston to raise their spirits and rally their hearts as they marched to into battle at the behest of their Kings.   The battle horn sounds as we go to war One by one we stride into the fore By our Lord’s command we will cross the shores And we … Read More The Morning Sun


Sun Kissed & Moon Blessed

The ancient race of Ayl’far were united as one A vast and blessed realm of grace they had long become Until war and partition shattered the light that shone Now they are divided, this once sacred union undone   On a throne of sun the Mithylfar reign Mighty and proud of their dominion claimed They will honour their lost brothers with naught but disdain … Read More Sun Kissed & Moon Blessed


What She Sees

She sees towers in a city of silver and gold The light of the sun shines warm and bright Banners flying majestic for nobility bold A gathering of revelry awaits her this night   Through mirrors of jewels she is beauty renowned For a year she has waited to join with her love To cast off her old life for a proud son she … Read More What She Sees

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