Welcome to Minerva’s Emporium

Greetings folks. Today I would like to occupy a brief moment or two of your time to introduce to you all the machinations of my other half. She is the architect of awesome, the duchess of handmade delights, mother to an incessant Pug and the owner and purveyor of Minerva’s Emporium.

Many of you know me as a writer of fantasy and fiction, a wielder of words, someone not truly contented unless I am spewing my metaphorical brain musings all over the page. Well you may not be aware of this but I’m not the only imaginative type, creator thingy person in my house. Yep, that’s a sentence!

For the last few years of our lives, as I have written away, tending my own projects and interests, the one who occasionally pops up in these here pages with the grand title of ‘fiancé’ has been steadily moulding her own vision of what it is to be a creator. From jewellery to baked goods, she has accumulated a good sum of experience in the crafting world and they’re all tended with her own two hands. She’s pretty bloody good at it too if you would kindly pardon the totally biased (for good reason) opinion of yours truly. The next logical phase for getting her work known to a greater degree is that of a website/blog and now, such a place exists. One where she will be able to bring you posts about her concepts and creations, thoughts about what it is that she makes/would like to make as well as the opportunity to share ideas relating to her other interests. Of which there are many.

So, for those of you who have ventured here I would kindly ask you to spare a moment to pop on down, open the gates and take a walk down the path (imagine there are candle lit lanterns and moonlight cascading through the trees as you go to really set the mood) and into the Emporium.


This is only the beginning of future wife’s journey to earning the renown and appreciation she thoroughly deserves for her years of hard work and the future beckons much more as she explores other avenues of craftwork and creation.

Emporium Banner

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Minerva’s Emporium

  1. 😂😂😂 love it when you said.
    “Well you may not be aware of this but I’m not the only imaginative type, creator thingy person in my house. Yep, that’s a sentence!”

    😱 Her work is beautiful!😍❤
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

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