Welcome to The Guild

Greetings folks. Come, step into the roadside tavern which now suddenly exists around you for the purpose of reading this post. It’s warm in here and cold out there so, you know, you should probably come in and have a seat by the fire. There’s mead, ample candlelight, some roasted boar, a talented songstress providing a soothing atmosphere and that bar maid/man you like the look of keeps winking at you meaning your next meal is probably on the house!

Are you all seated and well enough, good. I come bearing news.

Last time, in the midst of celebration for the first anniversary of the creation of the Forge, I mentioned the forming of a guild of champions. A new page to be written for the tome that is Forged From Reverie detailing a list of folks who have spent some of their precious free time over the last year reading my pages and delving into my works so often that the only thing stopping me from reaching into my screen to shake the hands of each and every one of them are the laws of physics. Bloody science and its perpetual need to continuously make sense of the world!

Well, here it is –Β The Guild of Reverie, I invite you all to have a look.

I would have preferred to have written a lengthy scroll to achieve the same thing and then to have posted it somewhere magnificent like a castle or fort, to give this occasion a real sense of grandeur. Alas, most of you live over the oceans and far away. The logistics and expenses alone would have crippled this desire very early on so this will have to do, haha!

I would also like to note here that this list is by no means final. In time I would like very much to add many more names to be inducted into the Guild of Reverie so please bear with me as I intend to continually update its ranks. You never know, somewhere down the line there may be enough folks added here to have an army of revellers, which would be absolutely fantastic.

Thank you once again most graciously to all who have made their way into the first wave to be included. Your continued support means the world to me and I hope you enjoy your new fictional homes and fancy titles.

Forged From Reverie.

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