A Man and his Pug: Volume 9

For those of us willing to pay attention it is very easy to see that all animals, and dogs especially, have their own unique personalities. Just like we human folk. Some are quiet and reserved, some are energetic and excitable. Others may tend toward stringent obedience or exuberant playfulness but with the majority of our beloved hounds they also incline toward having a loving demeanour, as is ideal from one companion in the company of another.

With each pet that we choose to care for, we also take with us the responsibility of ensuring that we help it to become what they have the potential to be. With the appropriate time and care, they can become true testaments to their respective breeds and their personalities will inevitably shine through as a result.

The Bulldog can provide a plodding gentleness. The Alsatian is capable of becoming stout and courageous. The Rottweiler tends toward determination and fearlessness. The Chihuahua is known to be wilful and lively (to say the least) and the Boxer could become both boisterous and loyal. These are just a few cases that the kingdom of canines provides with plenty more examples of why owning a dog is just a brilliant idea. Do you want something that can become excitably curious or laughably defensive at the mere prospect of a human fart? This is one of many reasons to go searching amongst the many breeds of boundless brilliance canine companionship offers.

With all of this in mind, I will then politely ask you to consider the Pug.


I’ve had my share of experience around dogs in my life but never have I come across a creature so wonderfully odd and astoundingly awesome as our Pug, Oghren. Allow me to elaborate on some noteworthy instances that best showcase the personality of this fantastic, fun loving and occasionally flatulent little fawn laden fur frolicker.

Most mornings as the sun rises and so do we, he will bound into the bedroom as we awake with all manner of excitability and an epic desire to void his bowels so that he can revisit his second favourite place in the house, the treat cupboard. The obvious stop in his mind for a poop well done. But before all that can ensue, he has a tendency to nudge my fiancé out of the way of her gradual ascent from slumber (face first) so that he may proceed to wrap and roll himself, as much as he is able to, upon her pillow. He will not stop until he has coated himself in a shroud of scent detectable only to the nose of this pillow prancing pooch. There’s no doubting that he likes the smell of ‘future wife’ so much so that he will attempt to dig through the pillow to try get to it. I don’t think he is aware that it’s not something he can grab and gain to use as he sees fit. We’re not going to stop him though, it’s adorable. Ignorance and bliss and all that!

Lately he has also taken to a cementing an abusive/loving relationship with his most recent toy, a plush stuffed polar bear that must be named Ian. This is due to a predetermined mentality employed by my significant other regarding the naming of all bears as ‘Ian’ because of an attachment to a digital bear that she once acquired in the game Zoo Tycoon.

Anyway, one minute he will be chasing him down the hallway as part of a classic game of ‘fetch what I am about to throw because reasons’ before furiously ravaging this once unblemished plush toy betwixt his teeth. An arduous activity to be sure if the proceeding act of lazily lounging on the floor after a few minutes of exertion is anything to go by. So, they will be lying on the ground together enjoying some well-deserved snuggle/smush time – with the bear still firmly embedded in Oghren’s teeth. Sometimes he licks the bear, sometimes he paws at it. Is there an end goal to this? Bugger knows! We still aren’t sure if this thing is a respected member of his toy selection or just an unfortunate victim of his odd propensity to inflict his will upon something so undeniably subservient, being an inanimate object and all. Basically, this Ian is his bitch, in the non-gender appropriate terminology of the word relating to dogs of the opposite sex.

And he is not exactly unenthusiastic about dressing up either.


Oghren dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo on Christmas Day. You can see him contemplating his eventual reward as he stares into the kitchen.

Pugs are well known for being sociable, loving, sensitive, playful clowns and just like any other dog, if they’re looked after they will become a boundless source of joy and love and a perfect companion for any person or family. Except for neglectful bastards who need not burden themselves with the consideration. The words that I believe could best attributed to this breed though, and most definitely in the case of our own little Pug, are quintessentially quirky with a dollop of endearing eccentricity and a dash of slothful nonchalance. A veritable cornucopia of canine quality!

Please forgive my obvious bias but there is no creature alive quite like him. He is undeniably adorable and fervent in his many attempts to enforce his desire to show his affection and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Forged From Reverie.

52 thoughts on “A Man and his Pug: Volume 9

  1. What a smashing read, my friend. I wasn’t aware of the other 8 volumes in this series until seeing this in my reader. I shall revisit the others if todays schedule permits.
    I love dogs (and cats) myself, having owned both in my time. My last dog was an Alaskan Malamute named Dylan. Mightily majestic breed is the Mal! I was very sad to lose him, my Wolf. Vowed I’d never have another until I had the income and time to raise a Mal from a puppy. Don’t know if you’re familiar with the breed but they’re incredibly time intensive and demanding. So amazing though – closest thing to having a Wolf one can get. Have always loved Arctic Breeds.
    My experience of Pugs comes from my former employment as a postman. I find them adorable little canines – so loving and social, yet with such often sad but expressive faces.
    A dog doth enrich ones life in so many ways. And so much less hassle than human children. 😉

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    • ‘A dog doth enrich ones life in so many ways.’ – I couldn’t agree more.

      I have always admired the Husky breeds but space would become an issue for such a large creature. Their resemblance to a wolf is definitely a contributing factor though, like your self.

      I am sorry to read about the loss of Dylan. If I could speed time and circumstance up for you so that you might once again revel in their presence good sir, I would.

      Thanks again for taking the time to have a read. I hope you enjoy the others.

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  2. What a fantastic and adorable post! 😀
    Pugs really are wonderful, aren’t they? Once you have one it’s hard to imagine NOT having one.
    I absolutely love the photo of Oghren in his costume. He’s a real cutie (and such a good sport!) 😛
    My cat Bailey has a cheeseburger costume and orange/black fuzzy spider costume.

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  3. O my! I love the photos. He’s adorable. What an accommodating pooch to allow you to dress him up as a Ninja. Would love to know his thoughts about this. 🙂

    I particularly enjoyed this section: Lately he has also taken to a cementing an abusive/loving relationship with his most recent toy, a plush stuffed polar bear that must be named Ian.

    Wonderful post, Stuart!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Nancy. The key to acquiring such obedience is a partnership based on performance and reward. He’s used to getting treated as a thanks for his compliance. And he really loves his rewards, haha!


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