A Forge Reborn

Greetings once again folks and welcome back. It is my proud privilege to introduce to you the new brand new look of my forum of fantasy, Forged From Reverie.

Recently I have been pondering about the aesthetics and the overall appearance of this site and how I bring my work to you good people and it occurred to me that I was not entirely satisfied with just how my work was being presented. I shall not ruminate too much on the negatives involved with such an epiphany, I’ll instead focus on the positive aspects that have emerged as a result of this change.

I’m not a particularly great artist, my photography skills are severely lacking and my abilities to produce any level of quality video content are almost non existent. I can make a damned fine cup of tea though, so there’s that! I am a writer, first and foremost. So the primary goal of this site is to bring to you my written fictions of fantasy as well as my insights into fantasy gaming and my general thoughts and musings regarding life, and aspects of my own life, in general. It should therefore be obvious that this is what I would like to be the focus of the Forge and yet I began to feel that this aspect was not being fully realised to it greatest potential.

Presentation people, its important apparently.

With the redesign comes a renewed focus on putting my writing front and centre. The imagery, links and any additional content that accompanies each post shall now be presented as exactly that – an accompaniment that will hopefully not detract from my works. My intentions are to have a simplified, more elegant presentation that provides me with what I feel is an appropriate forum with which to continue to bring you my writings and ramblings in a manner that removes the faff and focuses on the fiction, thoughts and fantasy.

That’s right guys, Forged From Reverie now comes with 30% less faffing about! For my non English readers, I now heartily apologise if you are now having to google the word ‘faff’.

The content that already exists here shall mostly remain intact, though I have already removed some older posts that I have deemed superfluous and very unnecessary. Oh hindsight, what a frustrating and oddly helpful chap you can be at times! I wonder what he’ll be telling me to do this time next year. A new category entitled ‘The Baffling Banality of Baked Beans and How Best to Better Them’ perhaps? Maybe though, only time will tell.

With all that in mind then I do hope you like what you see and more importantly I also hope that you continue to enjoy what you read. Feel free to let me know if you prefer this new layout or if I have well and truly buggered up my website. And sorry again if you’re now looking up the word ‘buggered’. I love this language!

Thank you again for continued support.

Forged From Reverie.

24 thoughts on “A Forge Reborn

  1. I think this layout is easy to maneuver around since there is less stuff everywhere, which I really like. However I did love the fantasy feel of the original layout. So I don’t know whether there is a way of still incorporating some of the fantasy ‘feel’ in this layout. But in the end it’s up to you to change or create your own realm of writing on this website. 😀

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    • Haha. I received some similar feedback about the fantasy feel of the old look and I shall miss that to some extent. I will likely continue to tweak it some more as I progress though.

      Thank you for the feedback.

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