From Ashes to Embers

Greeting folks and a truly happy new year to you all.

I thought it high time I re-emerge from the sands of my self imposed break as I attempt to stop my grey matter from descending into an apathetic cauldron of unfulfilled purpose and witless mush as well as taking the opportunity to inform you of my intentions for the coming weeks. Let us reignite the flames and please allow me to welcome you back into the Forge.

It remains my aim to carry on with the general themes of my site by continuing to write about the subjects that have become an integral part of the tapestry of the Forge since its inception. I thoroughly intend to muse, amuse, bemuse and maybe partially confuse as I write my various rants, ramblings, reasoning’s and meanderings about all manner of topics. With this I also hope you will continue your journeys with me into my fictional world of Ayl’gard as I carry on my work of continually crafting this realm of fantasy, the slow burning realisation of an ambition I have had for many years now.

If you are gazing upon my works for the first time and wish to know of what I am referring to then please direct your most welcome eyes to the Content Categories on the left for a journey into the depths of these pages, if you feel so inclined of course.

So what’s new my bearded weaver of whimsical words I hear you ask?

Well, I will also be bringing a new concept to the Forge in the form of giving you guys the chance to hold a telescope (a metaphorical one I’m afraid, I cannot afford to send you all a real one – can you imagine the shipping costs?!) over the realms of Ayl’gard. In essence, I shall be writing short excerpts about the denizens of this world with the intention of encapsulating a brief moment or two of the lives of these characters. These segments will be written as accompaniments to the lore and short stories I will continue to bring as I build the flesh and meat around the bones of what I have already created.

This concept excites me as it will allow me the chance to bring you small doses of fantasy more often without feeling the occasional vexing need to write a thousand words describing one characters left arse cheek and the hidden meaning that particular half buttock holds in the grand scheme of things. It may be quite a pleasant arse but not all of them are deserving of such time and devotion in written form despite the fact that my brain might be trying to convince me otherwise.

Finally, I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation for your patience and understanding as I temporarily withdrew my quill and parchments for the month of December. I am back now though so let us make 2017 a damned good year for writers the world over.

Forged From Reverie.

30 thoughts on “From Ashes to Embers

  1. It’s great to see you back, Stuart; I love your blogging style. I hope the sabbatical did your mind some good, I ended up taking a short one myself in the latter half of December. Things just get a bit busy! Here’s hoping the forge’s fires roar for you in 2017.

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  2. Dude, this post is so creative, I love it. The title is on point, the rhyming is awesome, and I LOVE the imagery!!! Welcome back!! I’m excited to see what you put out into the blogosphere!

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