Skyrim: The Berserker

My playstyles are about having fun with acclimating to a certain type of character rather than trying to discover the most effective way to blitz through the game as an unnatural, death peddling abomination. There is little pleasure or merit to be found in defeating anything and everything within mere seconds, some people like myself prefer a challenge and the journey to that inevitable conquest is what makes playing the game worthwhile.

Next up for my personal character guides is the Berserker, a warrior who stands alone amongst the bodies and blood of slain enemies as they attempt to satisfy an unending desire to quench the fury and the fire within.

Preferred Race – Orc

The Orcs of Orsinium are well known for a few key traits. Their craftsmanship with armour is unrivalled, their dedication to war is legendary and their fear inducing rage in combat is a formidable prospect to behold, especially if you are on the receiving end. The Orc racial ability known as ‘Berserker Rage’ makes them the perfect choice for this character build. This intimidating display halves incoming damage and doubles the damage output of the player for 60 seconds per in game day, when used effectively it could mean the difference between life and death.

Stat Distribution – Health 70/Stamina 30

As a relentless, bloodletting fighter, you will be running into the fray of almost every fight with your weapon swinging wildly as you crush, cleave and carve your way through your hapless enemies. With this in mind you are going to need to spend most of your stat upgrades into your Health pool to vastly increase your chances of surviving the tougher encounters. The extra Stamina will be useful for using power attacks in combat more frequently.

Standing Stone – The Lady

Those who revel under the watchful eye of The Lady will recover their Health and Stamina 25% faster which will make fighting and journeying throughout the land of Skyrim a little bit simpler. I would still suggest carrying an ample supply of health potions but this bonus is certainly welcome. You will find this stone on a small island near the centre of Lake Ilinalta, south west of Riverwood and north of Falkreath.

Perk Lines – Two Handed/Heavy Armour/Smithing/Archery

The Berserker has no need of shields or spells, instead favouring the great weaponry that requires both hands bred for battle to pick up and swing. The Two-Handed perk line will increase your damage output with these weapons and give you some interesting moves such as the ‘Devastating Blow’ which can decapitate your enemies and the ‘Sweep’ which allows you to hit multiple targets in front of you. The Heavy Armour line will increase your ability to receive incoming damage and help to reduce its affects. Eventually you will want to get the Conditioning perk to increase your ability to move in on your foes unhindered. The Smithing line will enable you to forge and temper your own armours to a massive degree and when done right can make you virtually unstoppable against physical damage. I would also advise taking some perks in the Archery line too for those circumstances where the target in unreachable. Dragons won’t stay still just because you tell them to you know, the awkward gits!

Weapons – Two Handed Weaponry

The Orc race is one of the tallest in Tamriel and so as a result their swing speed and reach with a weapon is that much greater than say that of a Wood Elf or a Breton. Choose either the Greatsword, the Battleaxe or the Warhammer as your implement of destruction for there is no wrong option. Swords allow you to swing faster but the Hammers can do more damage as well as crush armour so it is really down to personal preference. If you want to choose the middle ground, then Battleaxes offer the chance to inflict wounds that bleed out gradually over time when the corresponding perks are selected. The Daedric Artifacts Volendrung and the Ebony Blade would make fine additions to your arsenal.

Armour – Heavy

Orcs prize themselves on their ability to craft some of the finest armours in the Empire and I would recommend you choose no differently here. Whenever the opportunity arrives to craft a new set of Steel, Orcish, Ebony or Dragonplate armour then don’t hesitate to light the fires and build for yourself some thick plating that will stand as a worthwhile barrier between the blades and arrows of your enemies and your own flesh. Utilise the full set of helm, armour, boots and gauntlets in conjunction with your perks in the Heavy Armour skill line and there will be few blades and fewer bows that can penetrate your defences.

Allegiance – The Companions

Seek out the legendary warriors known as the Companions who operate under the guidance of the Circle and the wisdom of Kodlak Whitemane if you truly wish to sate your desire for blood and glory. Descended from the mighty Ysgramor, they dwell within the mead hall of Jorrvaskr located in Whiterun. Joining them will grant you access to some of the finest warrior trainers in Skyrim, some unique equipment and an endless supply of contracts that require the skills of a fighter tempered in the heat of battle. If you walk this path long enough to discover some of the secrets held in the dark corners of this organisation, then you will have the chance to become ‘something’ that truly befits the title of Berserker, providing you have the stomach for it.

Approach to Combat – A Primal Force of Pure Rage

A Berserker does not know fear; they do not understand retreat. They see only enemies to be defeated and then victory. To fail is to fall and to fall is to die. They are not the most refined combatants and they will rarely yield to battle tactics and the demands of journeying with a follower. Their undeniably ferocious approach to battle means that they should probably walk the land alone as they eternally seek to fulfil their ceaseless blood lust with the lives of those who would dare oppose them. Unleash the fury Dragonborn and yield to no one. Maybe, when the world has fallen and all that remains are enemies, ashes and war, perhaps then you will be truly satisfied.

20 thoughts on “Skyrim: The Berserker

  1. At the end of the day, fun is the most important part of a good build. Some people like to find the highest DPS-dealing character or method but they’re missing the point of playing video games. (Also I think it’s massively contradictory because aren’t you trying to play the video game as little as possible by doing that?)

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  2. My son in law and his brothers are playing video games every friday night since they were young boys. I have no idea what they play, but I think it is wonderful that they can spend some time together even when they are continents apart. Thank you for sharing!

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    • No problem. Gaming is maturing as an entertainment medium and offers multiple opportunities for immersion, connection and interactivity. For me, a game like Skyrim is akin to playing an excellent game, listening to a wonderful soundtrack, watching a brilliant movie and reading a great book all in one. I’m glad your relatives have the chance to be together even when they are world’s apart.

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  3. Another most excellent and informative Skyrim blog Sir. Really makes me wish I had time to dedicate to honouring the dedication and effort you’ve put in – passing your knowledge on.
    Knowledge after all, in my humble opinion, is a great gift to impart to ones fellow being. Regardless of whether or not I get to utilise your gift – I nonetheless would think myself remiss for not, at the very least, acknowledging it.

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  4. Awesome, that’s all I have to say about that. Redguard is my race of preference, but I have to agree that there is no point in destroying everything in your path. It’s like trying to play based on timed runs, takes the fun right out of it. In a world that’s as immersive as Skyrim, the content really makes this game what it is and it’s endless if you play it right.

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    • Haha, I know how you feel. I like to role-play where possible but sometimes I cannot resist the urge to learn some magics when trying to vehemently stick to a particular play-style. Skyrim certainly has many alluring ways to vanquish one’s foes, the sultry wench!

      Thank you.


  5. I always preferred the sword and shield combo for close in fighting. And I never quite mastered archery. Good article, thanks for sharing! You should write books in the Elder Scrolls world!!!

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