Skyrim: My Top 5 Dragon Shouts

Skyrim offers to players a rather unique capability in regards to the popular methods of combat within a role-playing fantasy world. As the Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn chosen by the Divines to bring balance to a world in chaos, you have the capacity to learn various Words of Power that can be found scattered across the land, written in the dragon tongue, and you are able use them to literally shout at people. That’s right folks, never will you be able to unleash a world class tantrum quite like you can here in the domain of the Nordic race.

Now to the outsider the ability to bellow and shout is nothing that unique. People shout every day for varying reasons but here in this realm a shout is something not to be taken lightly for even the simplest phrase roared aloud by your character can have your enemy, or that annoying npc that just rubs you the wrong way, flung several feet into the air as your words become a powerful force of nature. Did someone steal your sweetroll? Then what better vengeance is there than the power of the words below.

Here are my own personal five favourite methods of inflicting my will upon my enemies as I walk the path of a man with the soul and the voice of a dragon.


Unrelenting Force: Fus – Ro – Dah

Word Locations – Bleak Falls Barrow, High Hrothgar (Way of the Voice quest), High Hrothgar (The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest)

These words are likely the first that most players of Skyrim will come across and they have become iconic in their use and synonymous with the game. Using this shout will let you to stagger enemies to begin with and then eventually will allow you to fling or throw your foes away by some distance with all three words obtained. In certain circumstances this is just incredibly satisfying to pull off as you hurl your hapless foes off of mountain paths, bridges and other high rise locations; you just know that they won’t survive the plummet. It is also useful for destroying traps set aside for your demise and even for fishing! Seriously, throw your voice into a nearby stream and your supper is sorted for the evening.


Ice Form: Iiz – Slen – Nus

Word Locations – Frostmere Crypt, Mount Anthor, Saarthal (Under Saarthal quest)

This combination of the Ice Form shout allows the wielder to freeze their enemies solid for increasing increments of time depending on how many of the words they have discovered. Have you encountered a vicious sabre cat out in the wilderness that wants to use your face as a scratching post? Are you being chased by a frenzied frost troll that you have awoken in a foul mood? Is your armour being punctured incessantly by the cold steel arrows being fired at you by a distant archer that wants nothing more than to ransack your corpse? Then this shout can alter their plans with all the ferocity of a blast of winter fury so you’re able to buy yourself enough time to either flee or stand and fight.


Marked for Death: Krii – Lun – Aus

Word Locations – Autumnwatch Tower, Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (With Friends Like These quest), Forsaken Cave

The first time I discovered the word ‘Krii’ I was not entirely sure what it could do, until I cast it upon a dragon that sought to inflict its fiery wrath upon the unsuspecting citizens of Ivarstead. I watched in awe and mild delight as its health was slowly sapped away by this surprisingly potent shout. Some enemies encountered in the frozen depths or skyline heights of this world can be quite tough to take down if you are not prepared but if you have these words of power unlocked then you need only unleash them upon your tormentor, find somewhere secure to hide and then wait as the cruel hand of time takes its toll for a full minute. If they happen to actually survive, they will be left depleted of life, their resistance to physical damage diminished and they become practically vulnerable to your onslaught.


Fire Breath: Yol – Toor – Shul

Word Locations – Dustman’s Cairn (Proving Honour quest), Sunderstone Gorge, Throat of the World (The Throat of the World quest)

Nothing quite showcases the skills of a Dovahkiin warrior like the ability to breath fire and that is what you get when you learn the words ‘Yol’, ‘Toor’ and ‘Shul’ from your journeys. So, the next time that big-headed bastard of a dragon swoops maniacally overhead, sets you ablaze and then flies above laughing away as it taunts your perceived feebleness like an arrogant, unknowing fool, you can feel content in the knowledge that you too can fling some fire in his face and feel damn smug about it in the process. Let them have it!


Storm Call: Strun – Bah – Qo

Word Locations – Forelhost, High Gate Ruins, Skuldafn Temple (World Eater’s Eyrie quest)

Imagine for a moment that you have succeeded in becoming an all-powerful, all conquering slayer of dragons known throughout Skyrim as the saviour of the land. What better way to introduce yourself than by literally commanding the sky to thunder and weep as you stride forth with all the glory and pomp that a hero of the people thoroughly warrants. The ensuing storm will throw bolts of lightning onto the field inflicting massive bouts of damage to each person or creature unlucky enough to have pissed you of that day. Even the weather isn’t beyond the power of the Dragonborn.

8 thoughts on “Skyrim: My Top 5 Dragon Shouts

  1. Another greatly informative post, Sir. Thank you!
    If I do indeed get a copy for my PS4 then these posts will prove invaluable. I have been seduced, I’m afraid, temporarily by Titanfall 2. By love of ballistic combat trumped time intensive role-play at the moment. Besides, who doesn’t love huge bipedal robots, especially when they’re armed to their mechanised teeth?

    I have a Skyrim related question I’d like to ask you, if I may?
    Is there a character class you can play in the game akin to a hunter – with a hunting pet like a wolf or a leopard? I’ve recently seen a screenshot of a player with a hunter pet that looked like a huge Sabretooth Cat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Firstly, thank you for reading and finding some value in my words.

      Secondly, I am glad you chose Titanfall 2. It seems to be vastly under-performing compared to the likes of Battlefield 1 and Infinity Warfare and from what I have learned, it is deserving of more attention from the gaming community.

      Thirdly, onto your Skyrim question. There are ways to develop a character that can acquire the aid of animals akin to a hunter but unfortunately these methods do not pertain to your usual hunter/pet relationship found in some RPG’s. If you choose the Wood Elf as your chosen race you gain the racial ability ‘Command Animal’ that allows you to make an animal an ally but only for 60 seconds per in game day. There are dragon shouts that can pacify animals and make them allies of yours, but again only temporarily. The only guaranteed way to gain a permanent animal companion is to purchase or befriend a wild dog that will become obedient to you. There are Conjuration spells that allow you access to permanent thralls of the daedric variety at the higher end of this skill line that may be worth considering also, however this then skews your characters development into the mage abilities thus potentially diminishing the strengths that you are trying to develop as a specialised hunter. There is currently no limit to gaining in game perks and skills though so this may be worth contemplating for the long term.

      Apologies for the long winded answer. I hope this information may be of use to you.

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      • I missed out on the original Titanfall game, as it was an Xbox exclusive, or so I believed at the time. I’d had the original Microsoft console back in 2004 and wasn’t impressed with it – favouring Sony’s PlayStation machine personally.
        I bought Titanfall 2 last week having been pleased to hear EA and Respawn were releasing the follow up pan-format. I’ve only recently come to learn the first Titanfall was also released for the PC. Given how much I’m enjoying the second game I’m tempted to grab a PC copy of the original game for my old (but still going strong) gaming rig.
        No apologies for long replies Stuart. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. If I do get a PS4 copy of Skyrim you relayed wisdom could prove very useful to me. So many books and games and soooo little time when one’s engaged in finishing a novel.
        I’m glad you have checked out some of my work also. My thanks for that.

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  2. Gasp! I didn’t know any of this!! I think I also stopped playing because PC wasn’t able to handle it at the time. I’ve spent a LOT of time just gazing at the intro where you’re being cart wheeled to your death. It would usually crash right after that 😁. But with a better PC now plus word combos.. 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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