Happy Halloween 2016!

As you can probably ascertain from the photograph above, Halloween is one of our most favoured times of the year. Despite the labours of our day as we have now returned from work we shall still be partaking of some excellent home cooked food, courtesy of the culinary talents of my better half (whilst listening to some Rob Zombie of course), as well as a marathon session of watching our new favourite television show, iZombie, which I shall thoroughly recommend you should check out. Its about a relatively well adjusted ‘zombie’ medical examiner that eats the brains of the deceased doused in chilli sauce and solves murders. What’s not to like!

The Forge mascot Oghren will of course be joining us as we have ourselves a relatively comfortable night in, accompanied by his new pumpkin toy. I most definitely abhor violence against animals but I do advocate pretending as if you have thrust a plastic blade into the skull of your beloved pet for comical and festively appropriate effect. He doesn’t seem to mind either, especially when he gets his treats afterwards.

Have a fantastically gruesome and festively harrowing All Hallows Eve folks and take care.


Forged From Reverie.

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