Skyrim: My Top 5 Daedric Artifacts

Our journeys across the land of Skyrim are once again upon us folks with the release of the Special Edition across the PS4, Xbox One and PC. From the first time your character opens their eyes on the road paved in providence to wherever it is you decide to roam, for that is the beauty of this game, the best of the Dragonborn have acquired at least one or two of the legendary items known as Daedric Artifacts to aid them as they seek to make their mark upon the world of Tamriel.

In commemoration of this release I have provided a list of those artifacts that I personally seek out every time I begin my quest anew. The questlines of the Daedric Lords in this game are some of the most interesting you can undertake and the rewards are just as tantalising. Welcome back to Skyrim, Dovahkiin.



I will start by revealing my absolute first high priority daedric acquisition every time I begin a new game of Skyrim and that is this beauty of a sword known as the Dawnbreaker, a gift of the Daedric Prince Meridia, the Lady of Infinite Energies.

This artifact is a one-handed blade that is absolutely relentless when it comes to dealing damage to the undead, of which you will engage countless hordes of draugr, vampires and skeletal enemies. It comes imbued with a Fire enchantment as well as one similar to the spell Bane of the Undead that can cause your long deceased foes to flee from you in fear. A useful tactic when you overwhelmed in a crypt of higher level enemies.

To acquire this weapon, you need to trek north to the Hold of Haafingar and go west to Meridia’s Shrine near Solitude. Eventually you will hear her stern and commanding voice giving instructions for you to deal with a powerful necromancer in the quest ‘The Break of Dawn’. You must be at least level 12 to complete this pursuit.

This sword is most useful to warriors, paladins, battle-mages and vampire hunters such as those who fight in the ranks of the Dawnguard.

Just make sure to leave it be if you decide to succumb to the allure of the power of a vampire. Its deadly affect over the undead can be lethal to you as well if you choose to walk this path.


Mace of Molag Bal

Now I will choose what I would consider to be a weapon of an opposing nature to the shining light that was the Dawnbreaker sword – the dreaded Mace of Molag Bal.

This horrifyingly unique and massive one-handed mace was designed to ensnare the souls of its victims and comes with an enchantment that directly damages an opponent’s stamina and magicka levels. If your foe is unlucky enough to meet their demise within three seconds, their soul will become trapped within any empty soul gem you have in your inventory. This is a particularly useful weapon to use both as a mage and against other magic users.

If you wish to make use of this horrifying weapon spawned by the Daedric Prince of Domination, then you will need to journey to Markarth within the mountainous Hold of The Reach and partake in the ‘House of Horrors’ quest. When entering the city, make sure you keep an eye out for Vigilant Tyranus.

This mace can be most ably wielded by warriors, mages, battle-mages and enchanters associated with the College of Winterhold.

The mace is an artifact that can also be effectively used in conjunction with another known as Azura’s Star which is basically an unbreakable and reusable soul gem. Using the two together will cut out the need to keep finding new soul gems making refilling your enchanted items that much simpler. The Star can be found by travelling to the Shrine of Azura in Winterhold and completing the quest ‘The Black Star’.


Ebony Mail

There are many suits of armour that can be bought, looted or crafted in Skyrim but there are none quite so deathly and enshrouded in darkness as the Ebony Mail.

It looks just like an ordinary piece of heavy Ebony Armour, save for the missing pauldrons, but it has been corrupted and malformed by Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of Deception, and it is one usually gifted to her chosen, her champions. Its unique capabilities include the Muffle enchantment that will allow users to tread the earth in silence as they stalk their victims and a shroud of black shadow that poisons any attackers that get too close for 5 damage per second.

In order to track down this dark armour for yourself, you will need to discover a book known as Boethiah’s Proving. Within this tome contains the instructions that lead to the quest Boethiah’s Calling. Complete this pursuit to become her champion and claim your prize, though you must be at least level 30 for the book to appear.

The armour is best utilised by those who wear heavy armour such as warriors, knights (or in this case dark knights), battle-mages or steel clad members of the Dark Brotherhood. I would urge caution to any who use archery and are thinking of making use of this as the shroud can impede your view of the field when crouched making stealth attacks more difficult.

If you intend to play through Skyrim as a paragon of all that is good and just, then you may have a difficult time completing what the wicked Boethiah is asking you to do. If twisting your morality to suit your needs is not a problem for you, by all means go ahead though you have been warned, murderer!



Spells cast from a distance can be a nuisance to travellers at best or a death sentence that is difficult to avoid at worst, whether by the magics of a mage, the fires of an atronach or the breath of a dragon.

The solution to this comes in the form of a unique and powerful shield, with a long history dating back thousands of years, known as the Spellbreaker. It functions perfectly fine as a heavy shield that will do everything a normal shield does but also produces an inherent Ward that can protect against up to 50 points of magic damage.

To add this artifact to your arsenal you will need to complete the quest ‘The Only Cure’ by seeking out Kesh the Clean who can be found at the Shrine of Peryite located in The Reach, north east of Markarth. Once you have handed in your offerings to Kesh you will then be instructed by the voice of the Deadric Prince Peryite as to what to do next. You must be at least level 12 to progress this quest with Kesh.

This shield is best used by warriors who use one handed weaponry alongside a shield, knights and dragon hunters.

There are specific play-styles in mind when it comes to using shields but its effectiveness early on to mid-game cannot be understated so I would recommend this artifact to anyone who may be struggling with the rigours of magic based combat or the wrath of dragon breath.



For my final pick, I have chosen a staff that encapsulates the unique recklessness and altogether unpredictably powerful nature of the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath.

The Wabbajack is a staff that can cast one random effect upon your enemy but there is no way to know just what will happen as a result. Let’s say that you are on your way back to Whiterun after an hour or so of questing and you need to return to unload your loot in exchange for a few hundred gold coins. You are crossing through the vast plains of Whiterun Hold on your journey back to the city when for a couple of seconds, you lose your concentration and you have accidentally wandered into the encampment of a giant. You only have three seconds to do something about him before he stomps you into Oblivion and the weapon you have equipped just happens to be the Wabbajack. Here is an assortment of possibilities as to what may happen to that angry giant. He may be set aflame, impaled with frost, shocked with lightning, drained of his health, teleported away, paralysed, scared away, depleted of stamina, decapitated, transformed into a chicken or a rabbit, explode, instantly killed or turned into a roll of cheese! And this is just some of the power that the Wabbajack is capable of.

If this seems like the weapon for you then you can acquire this erratic staff by going into the city of Solitude where you will need to enter the abandoned Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace. I’ll say no more of what needs to be done, you will see for yourself, so set out and enjoy the madness!

This staff can be utilised effectively by anyone who would love to inject a bit of chaos and madness into their battles across the province of Skyrim. There is no particular play-style in mind here, just rampant unpredictability in its purest form so have at it, you mad bastard!

12 thoughts on “Skyrim: My Top 5 Daedric Artifacts

  1. The most interesting top 5 ive ever read haha 👍 my absolute favorite daedric artifact is Volendrung, it just feels so satisfying to be able to smash people in the face with it.. and the oghma infinium, once you learn to use it at the right time. Then in no particular order, the ebony blade, mace of molag bal and the skeleton key if you would count that.

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    • Thanks Lise. Volendrung and the Ebony Blade are indeed monsters but I have always preferred one handed weaponry to two handed. Those claymores and battleaxes are just too damned slow for me! It is a shame you don’t get to keep the Skeleton Key but I would class that as one also, and a bloody good one too.


      • I usually go double daggers in most other games, but for some reason i just can’t do that in Skyrim.. Or elder scrolls games in general. Yeah it’s a real shame we don’t get to keep it, i always rush to finish the nightingale quests too because it’s my favorite quest line. I’m really tempted to try to find a mod that lets me keep it, but i don’t think it would be as satisfactory as the game letting you keep it itself.

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    • I suppose that’s the key isn’t it. Not all weapons/armours will work for everyone. Glad to see that the Dawnbreaker works for you too though. It is my favourite sword alongside Chillrend.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I probably won’t be getting the Oblivion Walker achievement as it goes against my roleplaying style. But I do have plenty of artifacts to toy with even if it’s not all of them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Even if I don’t intend to use some of the artifacts I’ll still collect them and store them in my in game home. The definitive daedric collection, I’ll be the envy of the Empire!

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