My Harbour in the Storm

We each of us must embrace the chaotic tempest that is our adult lives. It is both an invigorating freedom and a tiresome burden to navigate our days devoid of the shackles of childhood as we make decisions that impact how our time will unfold in both the short term and the long term. Some days are better than others.

I am not going to go into any great detail about how difficult life can be because it is simply just very different for every single person. There are some who have it very easy and there who some have it harder than others. There are also those who whom life has dealt a very harsh hand and who must endure more than they should have to. I do understand sometimes that it can all be a little too much to bear.

I’m not going to pretend my own life is all smooth sailing but nor am I going to expunge my thoughts here as I write, complaining about difficulties that we all must deal with to varying extents. I am not living a life of decadence and frivolity. I am not swimming in vast rivers of wealth. My days are not devoid of physical pains or mental anguishes. Life is what it is. But there is one regard however, where I consider myself to be a very fortunate man.

I would like to believe that, at least the majority of us, have our homes, our shelters, our fortresses to return to. We each have our own harbours in the storm. My own is the home I share with my fiancé and our little hound. You can see us up there in that slightly fuzzy picture up above where Oghren is of course extending his curiosity by trying to sniff away at the peculiar device taking the image in front of him.

Our home is not overtly imposing, burgeoning with trinkets, visibly grandiose or what I would refer to as a statement of defiant intent to ‘show’ the world what I am all about. But it is a reliable place of harmony, one where I can return from work each evening and just close my eyes and not worry that the world will follow me inside. There are no aggravations or arguments awaiting me, no unresolved, deeply ingrained issues that need to be hammered out when I walk in and there are no expectations to provide comfort and extravagance to fulfil desires born of shallow, demanding, pointless vanity. There is only affection, camaraderie, understanding and the excitement of a dog whose actions make it seem like he hasn’t seen me in weeks even though I have only been gone for a short while. When that door closes, it is just us and this makes me one of the happiest men breathing.

We are celebrating our thirteenth year together as a couple at the closing of the month. My mind is both filled with great memories of our time together throughout the years and also excited about the ones that are yet to come. To be with her is to know what peace, stability, love and long lasting companionship truly mean. Oh, and being rewarded with vast quantities of valuable loot from a high level partnership that rampages throughout the planes of Borderlands and Diablo 3 of course. There is little better than cooperative, split screen gaming with your companion.

I am now, and will eternally be, grateful to be able to return home to my harbour in the storm.

Forged From Reverie.

6 thoughts on “My Harbour in the Storm

  1. Congrats on your upcoming thirteenth anniversary! 🙂 The world can be such a negative place so it’s nice to have a place to come home to where you can shut the door and feel at peace. And it’s all the better when you have loved ones there to share it with. (Especially if one of those loved ones just so happens to be an adorable pug!) 😛

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