Letters Forged From Curious Thoughts: My First Q & A Post

Greetings once again folks and welcome to my Q & A response to your questions that you have been kind enough to pose to me recently. Your hand written letters beautifully laced with inquisitive ink (well, comments posted in digital format but we can pretend can’t we?) have been sent and delivered to my Fortress of Desk-itude and now is the time to shed some light onto the subject matter you have thrust upon me.


The first question is a pertinent one and a great way to start the proceedings. It is from Shop Girl Anonymous and she wishes to know the following.

“Why do you blog?”

I have been writing sporadically for a few years now ever since I decided to tap into the well of my mind and actually start to transcribe some of my thoughts and ideas into written form. In the beginning this was something known only to me and my fiancé as I scurried away from life every now and then to sit down so I could begin, and continue, the early workings of some of my current projects.

After a while I stared to realise that I could probably extend my inclinations toward something a bit more immediate. When I completed the first iteration of one particular project I decided to do just that and so I started researching into what could potentially be the best format for me to utilise, the most advantageous base of operations for me to work from and to start posting my ideas on a regular basis for the perusal of the public eye.

This would become the foundation of the creation of Forged From Reverie and it has become precisely what I always wanted it to be. Essentially it is a forum for me to craft something from my imagination, or in some cases a product of notes or early works, in a shorter amount of time and bring my ideas into a tangible form. This would allow me the chance to sate this desire and to quench the thirst, fuel the fires, silence that voice (albeit temporarily until the next idea pops into my mind) that screams at me to write something until it becomes the written embodiment of my mind and heart, something separate yet unified by the construct of this blog. A link in a chain that I want to never have to form its final link – but nothing lasts forever.

This is still something that I am thoroughly enjoying though as is testament to this sites continued existence and progression five months after its inception.


Next up is Iole, the Queen of The Mighty Castle.

“What kind of music do you like? Are there some musicians you like in particular?”

Since I was but a young boy of about twelve or thirteen, with nary a beard, a head full of dreams and a stomach full of Sunny Delight, I have gravitated toward the darker, grittier, adrenaline fuelled heavier side of music and it has been one hell of a source of inspiration.

From the first mix tape that an old friend compiled for me in Secondary School (thanks again Rich) all the way up to the large collection of albums I have amassed over the years, I am without a doubt, first and foremost, a heavy metal fan. I do like the odd musician here and there that allows me to stray from this preferred path of musical preference that I like to walk upon. The artist Lorde springs to mind and I am also partial to a bit of Celtic and Folk music. Thanks to my grandfather I also have a firm appreciation for Scottish Pipe bands. You may interested to know that I am half Scottish, if my last name wasn’t already a large enough indicator.

If I had to select some of my standout favourite artists and musicians of all time though, I would choose Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Devildriver, In This Moment, Pantera, Five Finger Death Punch and Korn. These days I tend to bathe my brain in the sheer brilliance of the band known as Nightwish.

Of particular note for you Iole, you might be interested to know that one of my earliest discoveries as a teenager was that of Lacuna Coil from your homeland. I still remember holding the compilation disc and thinking what a melodramatic and dark melodic wonder that first song that I heard from them was. It was called ‘When a Dead Man Walks’ from the album Unleashed Memories. Ahh, childhood you short lived, fickle bastard!


Next we have this question from The Orangutan Librarian who mentions a subject that I believe the vast majority of us have in common.

“What kind of TV are you into and what is the worst TV show you have ever seen?”

I have practically one golden rule that I refer to every time I watch a new show to see whether or not it will be worth committing to fully. Simply put, the more realistic a TV show is and the more closely it resembles real life, the less interested I will likely be in continuing to watch it. I get enough of reality as it is on my own and so I deplore the idea of getting wrapped up in the lives of fictional characters who have nothing better to do than bitch, moan and scheme their pathetic plots as well as waiting until Christmas for a good old, highly implausible, murder spree. I’m looking at you shit riddled British soap opera’s such as Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. These would technically classify as the worst shows that I have personally ever seen. Many do enjoy them however.

When it comes to my own preferences I have soft spots for dark fantasy, darker science fiction, severe levels of wit and sarcasm as well as very well compiled British humour. My absolute favourite shows are Game of Thrones, Family Guy, Black Books, Angel, Futurama, Spaced, Pushing Daisies, South Park, Coupling, Battlestar Galactica (the reboot starring Edward James Olmos) and Supernatural.

However, the all time number one spot on my list has to go to the absolutely brilliant and ridiculously short lived, shiny western/sci-fi created by Joss Whedon that is Firefly. It is the perfect combination of excellent characterisation, believable fiction, well thought out plots and an engrossing level of charm, wit and just all round fantastic writing. If you haven’t seen this show then please, I implore you, give it a try. I swear by my ‘pretty floral bonnet’ that I doubt you will regret it.


Please welcome newcomer Tea Is My Jam who poses the following inquiry.

“So what inspired you to write the way that you do and what spurred you on to making a blog?”

Why I write the way I write is somewhat of a relatively unknown factor for me. I have always had an affinity for the English language, both speaking and in written form, and so as I type I suppose I am just simply writing how I would talk. And I genuinely do talk like this.

I am a very descriptive person in life and I love to bring detail and clarity to my work and my words. Combining this with my weird and very, VERY sarcastic sense of humour and you have the ingredients for one big, fluffy cake that is representative of my writing style. And this cake has lots of caramel simply because it is nummy!

I have never really cared for the ‘Rules of Writing’ and committing myself fully to learning the underlying workings of the English language. I have a penchant for grammar and proper pronunciation but that is about it. I write simply because I wish to and when I commit to a subject matter I will not stop until I am satisfied with its final form. Basically I keep going until I have turned my Charmander of an idea into a Charizard of completion. We can refer to Charmeleon as the first draft!

I’d like to thank you for this question because, I’ll be honest, I have never really given it much thought as to how I come across when I write. You guys have never met me, nor heard me speak and you likely never will. So I will always endeavour to portray myself and my words on these pages as if I were standing in front of you now having a conversation.

As for the spur that rallied the frenetic steed that is the Forge. It was and still is the insatiable need to write, to satisfy this hunger to create and to mould my words into whatever form they take within the mind of the reader. I have smaller intentions and some larger ambitions so this blog of mine is a great way for me to provide myself, and you fantastic folk, with some meandering ramblings from a meticulously mad mind that is riddled with wonder, whimsy and a world of undiminished desire to demonstrate my ideas.


And last, but definitely by no means least, some questions from the ever evocative wordsmith Kindra M. Austin.

“Will you please write an epic fantasy, and invite me on your book tour?”

The truth is this, I would love to write an epic fantasy novel one day. It is probably my greatest ambition to do so and my current works combined with my created world and relative ideas means there is definitely a blueprint in place to craft something that I hope to one day be truly proud of. One day.

I have often written that I could do with a pause button in life, as mentioned here, just so that I can fulfill my intentions to their fullest on any given day.

You often write yourself Kindra, that ‘adulting is hard!’and I agree with you. It can be at times. We have lives, jobs, responsibilities and some things must take precedent lest we devolve into gibbering globs of naught but self desire. I truly hope that it is only a matter of time before I can put the finishing touches onto something that you know all to well about, having not too long ago completed your own project with the completion of your manuscript. One that I am looking forward to delving into by the way.

I think all I can put for now is ‘watch this space’ and if I am ever fortunate enough to be in a position to fulfill the commitments of a book tour at any point in the future, you are more than welcome to accompany me. We can share stories over coffee and Jaffa Cakes!

“What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done on a dare?”

So, after rattling my brain for something to put here, I am afraid my response is going to be a disappointing one. I cannot think of a single instance whereby I was dared to do something so exceedingly regrettable that the memory had seared itself into my mind to one day recall the tale. Perhaps it is my reserved English sensibilities or the fact that I have never been truly tested in such a manner from my childhood. Nobody has ever dared me jump off or into anything, there has been no requests to insert something into myself or remove any items of clothing in an assault on the common decencies expected of public portrayal because someone said ‘I dare you’.

It’s not as if I haven’t committed to anything exciting or particularly adventurous in my life or that I don’t have any regrets. I do have stories that some would consider to be formative and worthy of recounting, and of course there were the usual childhood shenanigans, but none of the ‘daring’ or ‘questionable’ stories that I partook of have ever been the result of a dare.

But there is still plenty of time left for that so maybe one day I shall succumb to effects of an ill considered feat of danger as a result of someone wanting to test my fortitude or constitution. Perhaps I shall attempt to consume a vast quantity of food or stab myself with a random implement so as to acquire some meagre monetary compensation. Who knows what the future holds?


And so that concludes the first Q & A session hosted by the Forge, hopefully it will not be the last. I’d like to offer a monumental thank you to those of you who chose to participate and I invite all of you who read this to check out some of their fine works located at their respective sites so you too can bask in the brilliance of their own writing.

Until next time folks, take care.

Forged From Reverie.


61 thoughts on “Letters Forged From Curious Thoughts: My First Q & A Post

  1. I love the music you listen to Stuart! Nightwish is amazing. And my brother talked with Corey Taylor and all the members of Snipknot one time, he was at their concert and meet-and-greet, he loves their music so much. Interesting to know that you listened to Lacuna Coil 🙂 Thank you for answering the questions 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Damn, I bet that was one hell of an experience meeting those guys. And thank you for posing a question that allowed me to delve into this part of the tapestry that is me. You are right, Nightwish are bloody brilliant but Lacuna Coil were the first group to have me enraptured by melodic female fronted metal bands.

      Take care Iole and your contribution is once more greatly appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You know, upon discovering the Forge, I was like, “Gaaahhh!” Because I love folklore, and fantasy–rich fantasy that pours over me like great, thick history. And when I realized you were more than a fancy writing creator of other realms, but someone who is kind, and interactive with your readers, I was like, “Fuuuhhh!”

    I knew straight away that you must talk the way you write. I don’t know how I knew. Maybe I’m a unicorn or something else magical. Not psychic. Psychics are not believable.

    I enjoyed reading your answers. I especially like that you are a Spaced fan. I don’t have anyone to watch Spaced with, because no one in my house has good taste in humor. That’s a lie, but only a small one.

    Thank you for approving my request to join you on your book tour. I was going to come anyway. I haven’t had Jaffa Cakes in seven years!

    And so you know, your answer to my question regarding dares is not a disappointment. I appreciate a person who practices good sense. Please don’t jump off of anything, or into anything. Or poke yourself with sharp objects, and that includes sword swallowing.

    Anyway, I think you’re brilliant. Keep on keepin’ on, friend. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • As ever, your words have brought a massive smile to my face. Thank you. And yes, I believe that you are a magical being brought to this earth to spread the word of ‘Fuck!’ to the masses in the most creative and expletive manner possible. If ever there were a God of Fuck, you would be her vessel.

      I’m glad that you are amongst the few who have discovered Spaced. It is pure sarcastic, irreverent, referential humour at its finest and you do have great taste. In fact, this conversation has just reminded me of the time Tim remembered that he had some ‘fucking Jaffa Cakes in his coat pocket’ after watching the Star Wars trilogy with Daisy and Brian – it’s all connected!

      Finally, you too are brilliant Kindra. As a reader, a contributor, a supporter and most definitely as a writer in your own regard. I wish you the best of bests for your future my dear.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was really a fun Q and A! I realized that we have quite a lot in common when it comes to t.v shows. 😃
    Thanks so much for answering my question and it’s really interesting to know that you speak the same way in your life as well. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am totally no use
    it took me forever to even get close to Harry Potter
    I am so not there with most of the stuff you have mention
    My vision have widen but I’m like a snail when it comes to change
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon


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