Let’s Storm The Mighty Castle!

To all of you with maybe the slightest fascination with fantasy, for those engrossed with elements of horror or to those of you having even a mild curiosity for the realms of mysticism, I would like to extend to you an invitation. One that has you barraging through the pages of the Forge, over the hills and far away and into The Mighty Castle of one Iole Catanzaro who stands as mistress of her keep and purveyor of its treasures.

Within its halls you will find tales and recommendations of ventures recent and stories old. From Lord of the Rings to Stephen King, the histories of Salem to the hauntings of Edinburgh Castle, the potterings of Harry Potter, the Activities of the Paranormal, Narnian exploits as well as jaunts into the wonders of Wonderland with Alice and the nocturnal adventures of The Nightmare Before Christmas – there are plenty of weird and amazing wonders held within theses corridors to have you entrenched and enraptured for a good long while.

I’ve been following Iole’s work for some time now and I have enjoyed reading her words and perusing every image. If you have just a few spare moments then may I recommend riding forth toward the castle gates and showing her some of the brilliant support that our community is capable of. Thank you.

– themightycastle.wordpress.com –

Forged From Reverie.


14 thoughts on “Let’s Storm The Mighty Castle!

  1. Excellent recommendation Stuart. Folklore and myth…or truths lost in antiquity and the passage from storyteller to storyteller…love this sort of thing. Thanks for sharing !

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  2. I don’t know how to thank you enough for this review, Stuart! I’m really happy you enjoy my work, and I’m loving yours as well. Always interesting content to read at the Forge. Best regards, Iole.

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  3. Holy bonkers, the grunt in me is screaming in fright at the prospect of having to charge that monstrosity! It’d be a good time to find gun powder and let the bombs fly!! Maybe a tactical nuke or two? And don’t get me started on the fatal funnels and room clearing for this wee beastie….

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