A Man and his Pug: Volume 7

Whenever I read, watch or bear witness to any being unleashing a primal roar of dominant authority it usually sends an adrenaline fuelled prickle down my spine. For any creature to produce such an aggressive display of pure unyielding dominance, for whatever reason, it can be quite the spectacle. The lion roars, the bear growls, the wolf howls, the tiger snarls, the hound barks; any such beast has the potential to unleash a truly terrifying parade of primal ferocity.

And then we have this little bundle of brazen, growl gushing grandeur.

Oghren 2

Enter the Pug!

Most mammals have a territorial tendency to defend their nests and often portray this by growling at any passing ‘thing’ that it has deemed to be a potentially intrusive threat. This is no different for our own Pug, Oghren, who sees these birds, these winged menaces that soar amongst the skies, flying past the window and decides that he needs to fend them off. If indeed the word ‘fend’ now means make inconsequential noises that would barely startle a kitten. The same instance, this need to yap incessantly at his chosen opponent, also occurs if he hears voices emanating from passing pedestrians that dare to walk near his garden of sanctuary, from vehicles that have a particular penchant for loud displays of testicular tendencies (you know, those neon coloured, ego extending Fast and Furious rejects that just need to be heard for miles around) or even the unexpected clattering of my fairly clumsy fiancé who likes to test the fortitude of our home by walking into it (the house) regularly. Even the unsuspecting denizens of television land aren’t immune to the anus-clenching, dribble infused berating of our dog.

There are likely many reasons beyond logic, in his own mind, that this little Pog of ours decides that he just needs to bellow out a little bawl of supreme ‘PUG RAGE!’, which if I am honest is about as threatening as a squirrel kindly asking you to leave his nuts alone (insert sexual pun where appropriate). It is just something we have learned to live with. We can even anticipate when he is most likely to charge forth like a triumphant warrior hound preparing for battle.

Oghren 10

Oghren valiantly goes to war against the vicious scrotum shrivelling Snow Beast of the Garden Plains of our former steading.

His growl literally sounds like he is saying “Roo, roo, roo, roooo!” as he lifts his head into the air to yell his contempt to the Canine Gods up above. I don’t know who the fuck ‘Roo’ is though! Maybe it is Oghren’s long lost friend and every time he sees a potential intruder he gets really pissed off about him for some reason.

It doesn’t take much to quell the little bugger back into a pleasant, slumber riddled state of sleepiness though. All it takes is a quick ‘No!’ and a rub of the head to remind him that there is in fact no actual threat to him, to us, to our home from anything or anyone. Not even from the gigantic mechanical demons he sees roaring overhead every now and then that he must greet with a howl from the ground with a fervent fury. Those aeroplane passengers will never know that this beast from below yapped at them from several hundred metres away in the confines of his cleverly marked (with pee) abode. The lucky bastards!

Window Guard Pog Image

He’s spotted something.

I know that he does it because he has an innate defensive mechanism built into the pack mentality of his very being but he is no Alsatian, Doberman, Pit Bull or Bull Terrier. He is the most adorable creature on the planet, especially when he is curled up and snoozing his chunky little arse off, but he is most definitely practically ineffectual as a guard dog. Not that this will stop him from trying, the little numpty!

Now I had better be off. He has sensed something happening somewhere that he seemingly doesn’t approve of so I must now interject.

Until next time folks, take care.

Forged From Reverie.

13 thoughts on “A Man and his Pug: Volume 7

  1. Awww, what a cutie! Er. . . I mean, what a ferocious beast! 😛 My parents have two pugs and they are quite the little guard dogs as well (in their own minds, anyway). One is blind and usually is barking in the wrong direction of whatever it may be she is trying to scare off, and the other acts all tough until he gets close enough to the “intruder” to cover them in kisses and wiggle around at their feet until they rub his belly. Yeah, they are a terrifying lot for sure, those pugs. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed. Thank you for stopping by to get a glimpse of another Pug’s battles against the world. Their main source of defence does appear to be an overwhelming ‘lick’ attack.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, he’s just being clever and thinking long-term, with a lick attack. Just imagine how many germs he’s passing on with this tactic, he’s just going for the less obvious kill so people won’t suspect him 😉 -Ellie

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My Girlfriend would melt reading this post; she’s pug obsessed. It’s only a matter of time before one moves in with us, I’m certain, but in all honesty I don’t think I’ll regret it when they do…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had some minor doubts beforehand but when you drop your Pug into her lap and see the expression on her face. Priceless.

      And then he/she’ll steal your heart the first time it takes a nap on you. They can snore like engines though!

      But no regrets whatsoever.


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