As a writer and avid contemplator of subject matter weird, wild and wonderful I have felt the creative push and pull of two opposing forces. They are both unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable as they vie for the dominant perspective within my mind.

On the one hand I have the blazing fire of passion and inspiration. A furious inferno of thought that represents a powerful yearning to write until my eyes are heavy and my fingers are numb.

Inspirational Fire Image

The second of these two forces can best be represented as the polar opposite element to the above; the calm, careful and contemplative nature of cool headed consideration that is ice.

Thoughtful Ice Image

As I attempt to put my thoughts into words, the fire within me is pushing me onward without hesitance and with little care for error. I have to get my ideas into scripture to appease this power that burns its beautiful inspirational concepts into my thoughts. Then at the back of my mind comes the need for a calmer perspective, one that tells me to stop, wait and think on my work a little before proceeding any further. What if what I am writing is total crap because I am failing to truly analyse what I am producing? The slow and thoughtful method of this icy calm approach to my work has allowed me to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to what I have already written. The fire burns and then the ice calms.

But what happens when the two combine, when the fire meets the ice so that we are able to achieve that perfect flow of uninterrupted inspiration. Well folks, that is when we writers reach that ever so sought after place in our minds of literary and contemplative perfection. It’s when our ideas transition to the written form in a balanced yet creative manner of unopposed and unrelenting writing bliss. It is when we are lost to the world and all of its plentiful distractions and everything we compose seems to become scripted gold. If ever there were hidden forces at work in the ether of the unknown, bestowing unto us the bounty of inspired musings that give us meaning and purpose to what we have decided to become, then this state of balance from those opposing forces are what I believe to be the best possible representation of what it means to reach the peak our potential capabilities.

The Flow of Writing in Water Image

These two elements can combine to produce a stream of purposeful and inspired motivation that cannot be forcibly acquired nor intentionally sought after. It is simply what we become as writers and as wordsmiths when we truly give ourselves over to the craft.

Forged From Reverie.

2 Comments on “The Flow of Inspiration

  1. Very thought-provoking and well written 🙂 Really enjoyed reading it, particularly as I feel a lot of resonance with what you express. I also see 2 streams from which my writing is composed. I consider one as the creative stream (intuition, sub-conscious, super-conscious), which aligns, I would say, with your beautifully expressed “power that burns its beautiful inspirational concepts into my thoughts” (fire); and the other as the rational stream (knowledge, structure, flow, more in-depth development of the original creative idea), which corresponds with your “fresh perspective and new ideas to what I have already written” (ice). Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

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