I See Beauty in Darkness

There is beauty in darkness and a darkness in beauty.

Lone Candle Light Image

I have never really been drawn to what most people today, or ever for that matter, would consider to be the traditional standard of what beauty is considered to be. Standards change, does that mean you will change your mind?

Blind Mans Road Image

When I look at something that is generally thought to be inherently dark in nature, I can see a beauty that I can truly appreciate. How many will choose to look past the darkness to what can be seen beyond?

Auroran Night Image

When I see what others perceive to be what they believe should be beautiful, I see only the forces of mass marketing, capitalism, consumerism, societal dictum, unrealistic ideology and an overwhelming pressure for acceptance.

Woman In Darkness Image

Beauty is what I see, what I perceive to be beautiful. Beauty is not what I am told should be beautiful.

Forged From Reverie.

6 thoughts on “I See Beauty in Darkness

  1. Your words are very powerful, and I agree with you. Like you, I tend to find beauty in non conventional places and things. And the images you choose for this article are perfect for representing what you’re saying.

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  2. I love this post! You said it beautifully and perfectly. I see beauty in the darkest places too. If I did not look for it, I would certainly have imploded by now. Confined to my for five years. Wonderful read and great pics.

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