Some poignant thoughts from Bethany and I completely agree. The craft of writing is too easily taken for granted these days. Writing is more than just mere words on a page, they have the potential to become entire worlds and stories without the constraint of human limitations.


Rainy Day

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why some people think that writing is an easy thing to do. Sure it looks and sounds like it’d be easy, ’cause I mean, it’s just writing, right? I’ve seen and heard people say to writers that they could write a book, or sometimes even that writing as a skill or a profession hasn’t really been appreciated. I’ve seen it taken for granted that there are people who write the things that others want to read. People underestimate just how much goes into actually sitting down and writing an entire story. It’s not just a matter of writing words on a page, it’s creating characters and lives and whole worlds with a plot that flows and makes sense. It’s about wanting to write that really good, really juicy scene but then having to write everything that leads up to it because writing isn’t just…

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2 thoughts on “Underestimation

  1. People really don’t understand the amount of time and energy that goes into editing and revising and rewriting to hone and distill a story and characters either, let alone the work it takes to get something published. I had someone bragging me to me the other day that they’re “a self published author,” because apparently scribbling something up and taking it down to Kinko’s to print out is the same thing as the years of effort that some go through to write something that is well crafted and interesting and then find a publisher for it and/or actually promote and sell it on their own. *might still be annoyed :p

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