Bioshock Remastered: Return to Rapture

So good folks, the current trend of remastering games from the previous generation of consoles continues on like a rampaging horse rider carrying the flickering embers of this maddening, money making, marketing movement. This idea born from the cash craving side of the games industry, although they would probably prefer I put it a little more subtly, is to squeeze the coins and notes from our wallets as our judgement is washed aside by a wave of a nostalgic need to play the gems (or in some cases some duds) of old.

Please excuse my cynicism for a moment whilst I appreciate the return of such an iconic collection of genre defining games.

The Bioshock Collection, featuring remastered (prettier) versions of Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite has been announced and it will be available for all to purchase in September. All of the downloadable content that followed the release of each will also be included with only the Multiplayer segment of Bioshock 2 missing but I doubt many will care too much about that though. A complete trilogy of the games with the majority of the content all in one is a very enticing prospect.

There will also be updated visual enhancements to bring the games more in par with what you can expect from a current gen offering as well as a Directors Commentary with the architect of Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, Ken Levine. It will release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Many will argue about whether this current trend of repackaging and reselling us our old games with a fresh paint job and some extra content to sweeten the deal is actually a good thing or not. Some say it gives us a chance to revisit some old classics for a fair price and to once again revel in the enjoyable gaming ecstasy that we once felt. Other more cynical folk would say that the publishers and the developers have become lazy, or scared of failure, in their attempts to provide fresh gaming experiences. So they rely on tried and tested sequels, annual franchise releases and rehashes of old games to bring the monies rolling in. This last point in particular has been industry standard practice for a few years now and this means that it is working, people are buying them. And so with no sign of this trend coming to a slow crawl, followed by an eventual death, it would appear to me that we will be receiving some shiny new/old iteration’s for a while yet. To be honest though, a part of me is alright with this.

Not everyone had the opportunity to embrace some of these games like we may have done in years past. For some reason or another, they missed the stop and watched as one of the gems of a generation passed them by leaving them wondering if they should have done something about it. Time passes like it always does and it becomes a figment of a memory that they occasionally ruminate about and life goes on. This did not happen to me with Bioshock but I can understand that this would be a good opportunity for some folk to grasp this chance to experience it for themselves with both hands and enjoy the ride for the first time as we once did.

This era of endless remasters may be another occasion for some publishers to line their pockets and I admit that this viewpoint is an aggravating one to a certain extent. However, I am genuinely excited to return to Rapture and once more stalk it corridors and come face to face with those monstrous mechanical menaces known as the Big Daddies. When enough time has passed, in this case about nine years since the first Bioshock, six since Bioshock 2 and three since we traversed Columbia in Bioshock Infinite, I feel that releasing such a collection is a good opportunity for nostalgic gamers, collectors and those just looking for a grand old week of gaming fun to jump in and just have a damn good time.

It has been a long time since I first played Bioshock and now the years have come and gone, I feel that yearn to return and I am okay with it. When all three games, which are each brilliant in my opinion, are bundled in together for the same cost of one then I am okay with it. If the remaster is already a masterpiece and is brought to the masses as the finest possible version that it can be, then I am okay with it.

I am a more frugal and careful gamer these days. I pick and chose which games I will spend both time and money upon because I don’t want to waste any of either valuable resource. With that said, I eagerly await the September release of this juggernaut of modern gaming and I hope you do to.

These are the current Metacritic rankings for each game as of today, with a score representation from each console that hosted the franchise for each game.

Bioshock – 96 on Xbox 360

Bioshock 2 – 88 on PS3

Bioshock Infinite – 94 on PC

I hope to see in you all in Rapture come the time. You will find me in the gardens of Arcadia taking on those freaky Houdini Splicers with my shotgun. I hate those freaky, teleporting bastards!

Would you kindly be excited now?! *laughs maniacally*

Forged From Reverie.

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