Should I Return to Skyrim?

So, once more E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo for  those of you unaware of this annual event) has come and gone. Every year it reappears to a packed centre of eager journalists as a gargantuan storm of announcements and presentations followed by a unyielding blizzard of discussion and gameplay materials that have everyone massing to be a part of what I like to call gaming Christmas.

Some of the biggest announcements in the games industry have been reserved for this event to a massive reveal in years past upon the almighty altar of anticipation. Last years announcement of Fallout 4 during the Bethesda conference was a particular highlight for me. My jaw was literally agape and I think I forgot to blink for a minute or two.

Thanks to Bethesda’s appearance again this year, the one thing that stood out like a thorn constantly pricking at my mind was the announcement that a ‘Mega Skyrim’, replete with all manner of visual enhancements, extra content and modifications would be unleashed upon the world very soon. On the horizon it beckons to once more dawn with the date of the 28th of October this year of 2016 its gateway into our hearts and minds. The question is and will be thus.

Do I once more jump into a game world that has already taken (or should I say willingly given) several hundred of my gaming hours? Shall I once more yield to the cold wind call of the Companions? Shall I dabble in death’s devious dance with the Dark Brotherhood? Thrive thriftily with the Thieves Guild? Should I again adorn the beautiful burden of becoming the Dragonborn as I cut a bloody swathe through the land of Skyrim?

‘Fus, Ro……..Damned if I know?!’

On the one hand maybe I should accept the fact that I have already been there and done that as I contemplate conquering new challenges and fresh games that I have yet to revel in? Or should I just come to terms with the fact that I could perhaps just give in to the realisation that my time is limited, so maybe I should just allow myself to bask in the best of the best and only the best? For me, that best is open world fantasy RPG’s, and the most magnificent modern iteration of that to date is the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

So why not?

It is a dilemma. Although it’s not a particularly grand one mind you. Of all of the problems a person could potentially be faced with, this one doesn’t even rank as close to being that important upon the scales of what truly matters. But to me, returning to the land of Skyrim would be akin to re-reading an old book for the tenth time because you just cannot put it down. Or re-watching an old movie or listening to your favourite album for times beyond counting because it is just that damned fascinating, fulfilling and outright fun to engage with.

Our hobbies and our pastimes become extensions of ourselves and our psyches, they become a fundamental part of who we are. So would I be foolish to ignore something like this just because I have already experienced it quite extensively before?

I do not have the answer and I don’t think I ever will. Just two opposing voices telling me to do different things and I doubt there will be a final resolution when the release date rolls around to taunt me and my indecisive manner.


Forged From Reverie.

11 thoughts on “Should I Return to Skyrim?

  1. I still have yet to experience every aspect of the game, even after thousands of hours so I’m definitely going to jump into the remastered version as soon at it is released!

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