Welcome to Ayl’gard

Finally, it feels good, and a little unnerving if I am being totally honest, to be able to write that titular sentence above. To expose my works to the public is like exposing little pieces of myself and to bare them openly for the world to see. And I wasn’t always convinced that this course of action was the right one for me.

All the way back in 2012 I started my initial scribblings that would begin to form what is now known as the world of Ayl’gard. These early conceptualisations started to piece together like a jigsaw puzzle in my mind as my characters and locations came to life within the fires of my imagination. You could call those first days the dawn of a new world; at least it was for me.

My early forays into this new venture were sporadic back then as I gradually began to form stories and continued to add new bits of lore. Some of it I was happy to build upon and develop into something more significant and other segments were discarded for some reason or another. For a long time I have kept this realm to myself for reasons I would prefer to keep private. But now I feel that I can begin to bring to you all small pieces of the puzzle that will slowly begin to form the fragments of my reverie that will, I hope, one day (a day far from now when I am finished) become whole.

Ayl’gard is a world spanning four continents, several countries, hundreds of settlements and cities, thousands of rivers, woodlands, lakes, shores, hills, mountains, expanses and regions of a multitude of climates. There are deities that are feared and worshipped, battles of ancient times and wars that shaped and continue to shape the lives of those that fought and died within them. Politics, flora, festivals and fauna, creatures, currencies, monsters and flourishes of magiks, myths, legends, races and peasants, nobles, kings , lords, conflict,  institutions of great power and renown and plenty more that I have yet to fully conceive. I could go on and on, and I shall, bit by bit over time I will bring my works to you.

The stories that I have already published here at the Forge, The Lost Heir of a Broken Line and A Will of Bitter Winter (which can be found in the Category Ayl’gard Stories), are just the beginning.

I do hope you will be able to enjoy what you read in these pages of mine for I have enjoyed writing them. I have already received some encouraging support in the friendly form of familiar folk and strangers with kind sentiments from shores unknown. From a young age, the genre of fantasy has been a monumental influence upon me and I feel that now it is my turn as I write these words once more…..

“Welcome to Ayl’gard.”


Forged From Reverie.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Ayl’gard

  1. Hi there Stuart you need to get your self a book 📖 published and make some money 💵 out of it before the forge of life goes cold and the ancient 🔥 fires go out

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