I am Not a Man of Summer

I am truly not a man of summer.

I am sapped of comfort and motivation. I am deprived of my natural state. The muggy, humid onslaught of heat drains my energy, my willpower and my ability to sleep and function as I would normally like.

I am told that I should be grateful that it is warm, that we have this weather and that summer is finally here. I am told what a joy it is that I am to be mercilessly beaten down until I am on my knees by such times.

I am told that we should revel in such conditions as these. To embrace the crippling of our crops, to embrace the drought of our waters, to embrace the hum of the flies that buzz around us and torment us with their invasive ways.

I ask you why?

I ask you why I should join in with the thousands who desire nothing more than to lie around all day and bask in the glow of the sun like lifeless statues that resemble themselves as they sip on cider and feast on fire grilled food.

I am a man of product. I am a man of progress. I am a man of ambition and desire.

I have never wanted to simply sit around and smile up at the sky as the sun drenches me in deadly skin rending rays of decimating heat.

I am one who suffers in such times. My head aches, my eyes blur and my determination wanes.

I am one who recognises that this is a country which forged itself in times of perseverance, during bitter seasons of hardship and through the torrents of wending weathers embrace.

I am one who feels an innate kinship with those of Norse blood, of Celtic blood, of blood that flows to the whisper of winters wind and sings at the sight of darkened clouds and rain filled folly.

I am one who says that we such people should never stop still. Never stop learning. Never stop seeking or striving. To never stop the wheels of progress and instead I say we forsake the chains of the sun for it is not my master. Not this day or any other.

I understand what the sun gifts to us but I also understand what it can take away.

I am defeated this day but I will rise again to laugh into the wind, to smile into the hail, to dance amongst the snow. To embrace fully the beating drum of the life giving rain.

I do not submit to its demands of me yet I am defeated this day.

I am not a man of summer.

I am a son of spring. I am an heir of autumn. I am a child of winter.


Forged From Reverie.

6 thoughts on “I am Not a Man of Summer

  1. Hi Stuart sorry 🙏 for your suffering, I am one of those strange souls that embraces all the seasons of the year and fine some kind of pleasure in all that nature can thro at me, April Spring, Summer and Wednesdays 😁 and working most of my life in stockyards it a good job lol see you when you Rise again like the Viking of old!

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  2. I love the way you put this, very well written. I too prefer spring, autumn and winter. Summer here is unbelievably hot and I find myself pining for cooler weather. Hang in there, autumn is just around the corner!

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