Will A Bone Shuffle Really Ruffle The Knuckles?

I don’t like disagreeing with my grandmother. I never have and I never will. I rarely have a problem engaging in polite discourse with another person about the truth behind certain statements or  perceived ‘facts’ or ‘fictions’ but for some reason I don’t have the heart to tell to my dear grandmother that a couple of the things she has explained to me over the years are not exactly true. There is no real fault here though, she and her family emanate from a time where knowledge was passed down from generation to generation without the advantages of internet search engines or access to scores of scientific data to settle disputes or disagreements. But there was one issue in particular that I have known for a while now that I wish to bring to light.

If you are reading this then I am sorry Nan! No hard feelings?

From my early teen years I have been cracking the bones in my fingers. There are many debates as to why a person would do this, with each participant likely offering different explanations as to why they themselves actually crunch their fingers in such a manner. For me I tend to do it without realising. Perhaps it was a subconscious way of bringing an element of control to what was once a turbulent and unstable part of my life when I was a teenager and thus became a habit that has continued into my adulthood.

My dear grandmother used to scold me when she witnessed me doing so as she sat in her armchair (throne of comfort replete with cushions and head pillow) and I am certain it was because of her concern for the bones in my hands rather than because she perceived it to be annoying. At least I hope so. She would give me that fiery glare from behind spectacles of golden frames and thick glass as she looked up from her daily crossword to proclaim these words to me.

“Stop it Stuart, you’ll give yourself arthritis doing that!”

Oh bugger, I did a naughty! And so I would stop, return to my rampant run through Johto in Pokemon Gold with Totodile and think little of it. A few years later I would come to know the truth and that is that cracking your knuckles will not be a contributing factor toward developing arthritis.

Yes it is a little annoying and yes it may impact on your ability to have a substantial grip over time (as a gamer and frequent lifter of heavy objects though, this is not really an issue for me) but the science has proven that there is no increased risk of this condition just because you occasionally crack your knuckles. And it looks badass if you time it right! *winks*

This information was and still is very welcome because if it was actually true that cracking my bones caused ragged fingers of painful torment bereft of any real capability, then my hands would be quite the frail and powerless things that they currently aren’t. So thank the gods for the age of information that we live in and my lack of inclination toward developing symptoms of premature aging because of potent self-doubt and psychosomatic tendencies.

Forged From Reverie.

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