A Man and his Pug: Volume 5

Have you ever become so excited about something that you have unintentionally hurt yourself? Maybe you received some great news or an unexpected gift that has quite literally made you jump for joy and then you cascaded into a nearby wall or door frame as a result causing you to become temporarily dumbfounded as you try to comprehend what just happened. I suppose children are the primary source of excitable peripheral unawareness but let’s face it, it does happen to adults as well. We are just probably too proud or resolute to admit that it has happened. Well the art of not considering the periphery of ones surroundings when succumbing to the innate desire to physically react to an overwhelming sensation of joy is something my own dog, Oghren, has pretty much nailed.

What usually happens is that he will be informed of his next meal and that he can expect to receive it  very soon by the mention of the words ‘Breakfast’ or ‘Dinner’. These are the terms we have taught him to listen for (to which he responds by tilting his head to make sure he has heard it correctly) and he will usually always react very favourably to them. Then, what proceeds is a display of excitement that exudes vast quantities of ‘Yay, its meal time!’ in the physical form of circling our coffee table until he realises that one or both of us has stood up to go to the kitchen, where the food lives. He then follows us all the way down the hall and in doing so, will continue to  circle around us as if his legs cannot contain the sheer joy of the epic meal noms that are about to ensue.

Alert Pog Image

“Dinner? Did you say dinner? I am not getting up unless you are willing to talk about dinner. Make it happen!”

This act of excitable encircling in and of itself is obviously not a problem for us or for him. The real issue becomes apparent when he fails to notice that previously mentioned wall or door frame that will knock into him (because obviously he feels that they are trying to dissuade him from his quest) and temporarily slow his rambunctious rampage into the depths of tasty town, population – however many pieces of nutritious food happens to land into his food bowl. He has never truly hurt himself this way. He just gets the odd clunk to the noggin or sometimes a skip and a jump leads to him landing on his backside instead of his own feet, which have probably aligned with the door frame in a devious association with the purpose of preventing the resumption of the trek toward his meal. Damned you inanimate objects and your eternal desire to see us fail (think how many times you have bashed your leg into that table and you will finally understand that they are created to hinder and not help us, the bastards!)

The loss of control of his limbs and how this relates to gravity making him his bitch does not only come at meal times. Very often has the onslaught of encircling been a part of his repertoire of going outside to tend to his business (POOP!) or receiving a treat for doing something well (deeds other than poop!) These small setbacks do not deter him though; he will continue on his quests and forge ahead regardless of how many bumps he has to give himself along the way to get to what he wants. He has a will of iron and a mind of delicate dopiness! As a pug, his penchant for acting daft and seemingly unaware of his surroundings unless he cares to notice is both the norm and a great source of amusement to both me and my fiancé. And long may it continue.

Oghren 1

A soggy Oghren who is on the verge of an episode of excitement because of his good behaviour during bath time. We refer to this as his Moogle image (Final Fantasy IX) as the resemblance is uncanny.

Take care of yourselves folks and don’t forget to film or photograph your own pets in their acts of dumbfounded dim-wittery! You will thank yourself a year later when you receive a Facebook memory notification.

Forged From Reverie.

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