Fallout 4: My 5 Least Useful Perks

Fallout 4 contains many weird and wonderful perks for any character to use as they level up. Most of them are very useful and can have broad positive benefits that give any player a really dynamic change of self as they continue to forge a path for themselves in the Wasteland of the Commonwealth. Unfortunately there are a small group of perks that are a little, well……lacking in my opinion, perks that if you were to try to achieve a max level playthrough to obtain every SPECIAL attribute and all of their related perks, you would probably leave these for last. This is not to say they are completely devoid of purpose, especially if you wish to role play as a certain character archetype, but I tend to skip past them in the perk selection screen without looking back.


Lead Belly

This perk requires 2 points in Endurance

This perk will negate and then eventually remove all possible threat of absorbing radiation from eating or drinking, which sounds pretty decent. Suddenly the thought of guzzling some Nuka Cola or feasting on the contents of a box of Sugar Bombs sounds more intriguing to the hungry travellers amongst you. And it would were not for the fact that there are literally hundreds of Radaway scattered throughout the wasteland for anyone to pick up as they go which removes massive chunks of your radiation level. Eating and drinking anything are also the least efficient ways to heal yourself as there are plenty of Stimpacks out there to do that job for you. You would need to put all three points into this rank to see any real benefit and those are three points that could easily be utilised more effectively elsewhere. I could only vaguely recommend this perk if you were planning a survival run.


This perk requires 1 point in Intelligence

By holding down the corresponding VATS button for a second or two after taking this perk, it will highlight a path for you to get to your next target or marker. My problem with this is that it is very hard to get lost in Fallout 4. Skip along like Dorothy and her ensemble of unlikely companions as you follow the yellow/green, highly irradiated and decimated from hundreds of years of neglect road. However, every player’s Pip-boy comes replete with a map of the area to guide you. A map that will allow you to set a custom marker, or to follow and already existing marker connected to a selected quest, which you can then follow on your compass. Easy! Why would anyone bother with this when the ability to traverse the Commonwealth is already built in to the base game mechanics?

Mysterious Stranger

This perk requires 4 points in Luck

Now I am going to let you in on a bit of my own personal gaming history. I have never taken the Mysterious Stranger perks in any Fallout game and for one simple reason. I do not like relying on the pure luck of another character popping up randomly whenever he bloody well pleases to knock off one of my enemies for me. I don’t give a damn how suave he looks and how cool he is when he kills for you like a sadistically obsessive serial killer with an odd pattern of killing sprees (seriously the guy has no motive to assist or to kill for you, I think Nick Valentine is on to something!) I am a meticulous player of this game and I am rarely caught off guard so I am never in need of support from a Private Dick (head!) and his revolver to play my own game for me. In fact I would get quite pissed off by the random unpredictability of his appearances and the fact that they would likely interfere with my plans to engage a particular group of foes with my own personal manner of silent wrath induced death. He is also useless to players who never use VATS. Some people will likely appreciate his assistance from time to time, but not me.

Rad Resistant

This perk requires 6 points in Endurance

This one is a pure convenience perk line that gradually increases your characters natural immunities to radiation by increasing your resistance to it by an extra ten with each point. But as I have stated before there are plenty of Radaways, and Rad-X for that matter, out there to practically negate any fear of losing large chunks of your health meter to radiation. There are also other ways to consider increasing your resistance including armour modifications and the purchase of a Hazmat Suit or hell, just stick to wearing Power Armour (providing you are flush with fusion cores) and there is literally no reason to worry about this. At all!


This perk requires 8 points in Endurance

This perk allows you to regain your health by eating the corpses of the dead……..yeah, you read that right! First humans at rank one and then eventually Ghouls and Super Mutants as well. So let’s list off all of the negatives regarding this one, shall we? It is yet another perk that offers convenience over actual progression and nothing more. It is far more viable to heal with Stimpacks than by munching on the face of that raider you just murdered for a minor health boost. That and if you enjoy travelling with a companion, they will not take kindly to you bending down to a fresh meal of tasty man flesh every time you get peckish for a bite of scrotum. Unless you are travelling with Strong of course – he kind of likes that. Scrotal sausages for everyone! Stopping to eat the dead in the heat of battle is hardly a sound tactic when you still have bullets flying by and ghouls hurdling themselves toward you. And let’s not overlook the fact that you will be eating dead and rotting flesh……fucking yucky dude! Please stick to the Stimpacks and leave the dead where they are you filthy bugger, try washing that stuff out of your mouth when you’re done.

Please, tell me what you think.

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