Fallout 4: The Psychopath

If you have ever played a Borderlands game you will be familiar with the ‘Psycho’ enemies that will charge at you relentlessly with arms aloft, ready to swing their axes into your skull and revel in your death as your lifeless corpse plummets to the ground. Well that mind-set is basically what you will require with this character build for Fallout 4, to have a mindless bloodlust that will have you charging and cleaving your way through the Commonwealth with nary a care for the wellbeing of yourself or any other.



From the get go you will need to put a lot of points into your Strength, Endurance and Agility stats. A high level of Strength will allow you to do a lot of damage with either melee weapons or your own fists if you would prefer to mimic a football hooligan to get the job done. More Endurance means more health points which equates to taking a lot of damage, shrugging it off like you would a tiny Chihuahua gnawing on your toes and getting back to the slaughter. Your Agility will allow you access to some pretty nifty perks that will make the death of your foes come much more quickly.

Preferential Perks

So straight away and whenever the chance arises you will need to put your points into the Big Leagues (Strength 2) perk if you will be using melee weapons or the Iron Fist (Strength 1) perk if you prefer unarmed combat. You will be hitting things a lot and you will want to make sure that when you do it hurts a little more than a mere bee sting would. Next up is and early on I would recommend taking the Life Giver perk (Endurance 3). Each new point will give you an extra 20 health and the final rank grants you some moderate health regeneration which is never a bad thing. Since you will be engaging your enemies up close you need to think about minimising the damage ranged enemies may be doing to you whilst you are stampeding your way toward them, which is where the Moving Target (Agility 6) perk comes into play. Ranks 1 and 2 will increase your damage and energy resistance whilst sprinting and rank 3 reduces your AP cost whilst you’re in ‘I’m coming for you Bro’ momentum, which of course means more sprinting.

Other Important Perks – Blacksmith (Strength 4), Toughness (Endurance 1), Chem Resistant (Endurance 4) * I’ll explain why shortly*, Medic (Intelligence 2), Blitz (Agility 9), Bloody Mess (Luck 3).

Weapons to Wield

Swords, sledgehammers, baseball bats, wrenches, lead pipes, even a bloody rolling pin for your angry chef types! The Commonwealth is littered with options for would be wasteland warriors for which to dispose of your foes in the most brutally barbaric manner possible. If you would prefer to punch your way in or out of trouble then I would suggest seeking out a Power Fist or a Deathclaw Gauntlet for yourself and watch gleefully as you pummel or slice your enemies into a bloody red paste of dead. For weapon wielders I highly recommend you search for a blade known as Kremvh’s Tooth (yes I did spell that correctly) which is located at the Dunwich Borers (be prepared to be creeped out). It has the Serrated and Sacrificial Blade effects which means that anyone unlucky enough to be struck with this hellish creation which be poisoned and bleed out profusely, A LOT, until all that remains is a lifeless puddle of goo where once stood a raider with dreams of looting your corpse. If you think that everyone’s head is actually supposed to wobble like a bobble head then you will need the Furious Power Fist from Swan’s Pond, just take some Stimpacks with you and be ready for a fight.

Armour Acquirement

Ideally you will need armour pieces that can take some hefty knocks because you will be getting battered from all angles. Coating yourself in Metal armour pieces is a sensible choice. Pop in to Goodneighbor to see KL-E-O to purchase the Devastators chest piece and right greave which have damage reflecting and time slowing when your health falls below 20% abilities when you have the chance.

Preferential Companion

There is really only one strong choice here and funnily enough his name is actually Strong! Like you this Super Mutant has no interest in sneaking around like a timid little mouse and is right at home when he is knee deep in blood and bodies in the middle of a battlefield. He has more health than most and can carry more of your loot than any other companion. The only real downside to travelling with this brute is that you need to be a real bastard to gain his approval but when you do you will gain the Berserk perk which increases your melee damage by 20% if your own health falls below the 25% threshold.

Battle Tactics

This character does not flee from a fight and will at all times seek to be right at the centre of the fray, dishing out damage, death and probably some dubious profanities as they furiously frenzy their way to victory and  glory. It is essential that you load your character with plenty of Stimpacks to cure your ever need to replenish your constantly bombarded health meter. Your best friend however will be the Pyscho chem which when taken will increase your damage output and your own damage resistance by 25% each. If you take the Chem Resistant perk ranks 1 and 2 like I mentioned earlier then you will be able to utilise this regularly without worrying about the consequences of addiction and withdrawal. It is one of the most fitting tools for a psychopath of your creation to use in the wasteland.

Please, tell me what you think.

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