A Man and his Pug: Volume 4

As humans we have evolved into having a higher state of consciousness and thought. Well most of us anyway, there are still some dippy shits out there in need of a mental tune up. Generally we think more potently and about hundreds of complex issues on a daily basis and our societies have thrived as a result of this development of our ability to think and act as we do. However one thing has not changed in all this time and that is that we all need to have some sort of shelter, a nest for us to return to each day so that we might feed, sleep and be all snuggly warm. And this is a trait that we very much have in common with man’s best friend.

My own hound seems to have an almost desperate need to curl up on or next to either mine or my fiancés lap as often as possible. It does not matter if we are eating our meals, lying down on the sofa watching TV, kneeling down to pick something up or attempting to go to sleep in our beds. Oghren, or the Pog as we call him, just needs to be there or there about. If he is sure there are no food noms to be had and he doesn’t need to produce a poop cake in the yard, then his dominant goal is the location and acquisition of mommy or daddy lap.

Vicki Pog Time Image

During the day he prefers mommy lap, especially when we are gathered in the front room on the sofa. There is an entire middle section of space and comfort to be nestled upon as our corner sofa isn’t exactly small but no. He eschews this opportunity regularly so that he might nudge and nestle his way onto the ever welcoming mommy lap so that he can catch up on some much needed (at least probably in his mind) snoozing.

Pog Comfort Image

He is attempting to use his demon eye powers of persuasion so that he might be allowed to stay put. ‘See me human and stay where you are, for I am snug!’

In the evenings when we have just gone to bed and during the odd morning when we get to have a little lie in and we let him in from the kitchen, Oghren has a preference for daddy lap. It has become very routine for him to sit on the corner of the bed waiting for me to actually get under the blanket and as soon as he thinks I am ready (and many times when I am not resulting in an odd battle for territory that he always loses – nuh nuh!), he will pounce onto my lap and settle very quickly as he rests his entire body between the warmth of my legs. He even pretends to be asleep when the Mrs has to take him to his own bed so he will accentuate his snoring and barely open his eyes to gaze his surroundings when he feels the hands of comfort removal around his waist each night. At this point he will assume the ‘I’m now going to flop into a dead weight so you will hopefully let me stay put’ position, it never works but seeing him just completely droop into a floppy loaf of Pog bread is amusing to us.

He has assumed for himself the lap position when we have been painting a room, when sorting out the drawers underneath our bed, whilst gaming in the front room and basically during any opportunity he gets.

Pog Lap Painting Image

Oghren will find comfort on your lap or your butt no matter what you may be doing!

It does not matter how awkward it is for you, this is not a thought that crosses his mind. As long as he is happy and there is even a slight chance of reaching the warm comfort and safety of the lap, then he is going to go for it. He is looking at me now and wondering when I am going to come away from my desk so that he can get comfortable and sink his face into his flaps and my legs to make that goal of sleep a plausible one. He is looking at me with that big eyed, droopy faced pretend sulk that he does so well. You will have to wait Pog, I have got things to do (He’ll probably be curled up to me within the hour!)

Oghren 19

‘Leave me to my slumber human, for I am weary from sniffing and pooping.’

So take care of yourselves and succumb to your pets comfort based desires lest you be subjected to the passive adorable mind games of a dog in wanton need of relaxation.

Forged From Reverie.

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