Fallout 4: The Ghost

Fallout 4 is a game that can literally be played and enjoyed for months and will likely continue to be relished for many years to come by thousands upon thousands of gamer’s. Each one will have their own unique methods of survival, their own ways of dealing with the after effects of the apocalypse in the Commonwealth. This is the first of my character build guides to give you some idea of the variety that awaits any who wish to create their own wasteland warrior.

Do you wish act as the very essence of death itself as you claim the lives of your enemies with neither a whisper nor a clue as to where you are? You will stalk the shadows as the hunters become the hunted. No will see you coming and no one will withstand your deadly wrath once you have laid eyes of your next victim. Up first is the Ghost.



The Ghost will favour a build leaning toward Perception and Agility so make sure you have at least five or six points in each from the start. You will want to see what is coming long before it can get anywhere near you and be able to dispatch it quickly and efficiently. A high Agility stat will allow you to remain unseen and unheard. Your third stat to prioritise should be Luck so that you may unlock the ability to wield critical strikes more proficiently and more often.

Preferential Perks

Whenever you can drop a point into Sneak (Agility 4), take it. When fully maxed out, this will allow you to remain as silent as the shadows as you move around the battlefield stalking your prey. Up next and vital to the Ghost’s deadly efficiency are the Ninja (Agility 7) perks. Ideally every strike against your foes should be done whilst hidden in stealth mode and this perk line will increase your damage output incredibly. Rifleman (Perception 2) will ensure that your base damage continues to increase steadily as your character progresses. Finally you will likely want to consider taking all three ranks of Lone Wanderer perk (Charisma 3) which will severely increase your damage resistance, carry weight and then add another damage boost by a whopping 25%. Ghosts travel alone; companions will only give your position away so take advantage of this perk line as you traverse the dusty roads.

Other Important Perks – Penetrator (Perception 9), Mister Sandman (Agility 4), Action Boy/Girl (Agility 5) and Critical Banker (Luck 7).

Weapons to Wield

Since you will be firing from a distance you will want to take up using rifles. A heavily modified Hunting Rifle will suit you well for most of the early and middle parts of the game. It is vital that when you find a suppressor or unlock the ability to use them, do so as soon as possible. You do not want to be heard. Eventually you will want to seek out the Tinker Tom Special rifle from the Railroad faction quest line which has the added benefit of increasing your accuracy in VATS whilst not in combat at the expense of more AP. Nothing to worry about since you’re riddled with AP from all those Agility points. Your back up weapon should be either a shotgun or a revolver, something that can pack one hell of a wallop when you are discovered. There will be times when your enemy will get the jump on you every now and then and so it’s a good idea to have something that can dispatch that sneaky bastard as quickly as possible.

Armour Acquirement

Wearing clunky metal armour is not the way to go here and I wouldn’t even bother with Power Armour. I would recommend either buying or crafting some decent Shadowed Leather Armour and mod the chest piece with Lighter Build, the leg pieces with Muffled and Sleek and the arm pieces with Stabilised and Deep Pocketed.

Preferential Companion

If you feel that you must have someone you can hold hands with on the long and lonely nights in the Commonwealth then the Ghost will need someone almost as silent and almost as deadly as yourself. Deacon of the Railroad is the one for you. He also prefers to stay out of sight and will rarely alert foes to your location. Max out his affinity for you and he will grant you the Cloak and Dagger perk which will increase your sneak damage and the duration of your stealth boys by 20%.

Battle Tactics

Be calm and quiet as you move through the wasteland, this character build is not for the impatient or careless player. You will want to use VATS often, not just as a tool for unleashing your terrible wrath but also as a scouting mechanism to reveal any possible hidden obstacles or enemies in your terrain. When infiltrating particularly tough areas you may wish to have a few Stealth Boys handy to make it a little easier to get past those walking terrors known as Deathclaws. If you are seen and about to be attacked keep plenty of Stimpacks on hand as well as a hefty amount of Med X to increase your damage resistance temporarily so you can retreat if necessary and reassess the situation.

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