Fallout 4: My Top 5 Useful Perks

Recently, I have returned to Fallout 4 in the wake of the recent wave of incoming DLC and so I thought I would post my personal top 5 most useful perks. The beauty of these brutally, brilliant benefits is that they are lower and mid-tier options, this means that you do not have to severely unbalance your characters SPECIAL stats in the early game just to be able to say ‘Ooh, look’it what I’ma gonna do, ain’t I grand?!’

They are also perks that will be useful no matter what type of character you decide to unleash upon the Commonwealth, whether it be a charismatic dandy salesman, a brutish sledge wielding hulk, a deadly ghost sniper or a even Jack (or Jill) of all trades. Anyone with a gun, the ability to run and a sense for fun will be able to take advantage of the bonuses they offer for the entire game.



This perk requires 4 points in Perception

A wanderer in the wasteland is only as good as what he is carrying. Weapons, armour, grenades, toasters or the mighty clipboard, only those who are willing to scour the nooks and the crannies for loot will truly strive. And it would seem that those pesky peasants of the Commonwealth have gone and locked up their goods in safes and lockers. The first three tiers of this perk will allow you to unlock Advanced, Expert and Master locks. If like me you have to stop and open every one of them, soon you will be waist deep in caps, guns and ammunition. And this is a good thing! Just don’t bother with the last tier, you will inevitably find hundreds and thousands of bobby pins in your travels making the unbreakable pin seem a tad pointless.


This perk requires 2 points in Intelligence

If you run out of health in this game, you die. A very simple concept. So it makes sense to be able to prevent this as much as possible and Stimpacks are the best way to do this. The greatest thing about these is that they are everywhere, EVERYWHERE! And they weigh absolutely nothing, so carry as many as you wish. With every new tier of the Medic perk you will be able to heal 40%, 60%, 80% and finally 100% of your health bar. So all you will need to do to stay alive is make sure you remember to use them, you will basically become a bullet sponge with a chest full of Stimpacks, sort of like a backward, mutated, human-porcupine hybrid. Another bonus to this perk is that you will be able to heal radiation much more effectively to stop that pesky sixth limb from sprouting a new testicle!


This perk requires 2 points in Luck

Having a lot of caps will enable any player to be able to buy pretty much whatever they want. Go for a stroll in Diamond City and you may wish you had been stingier in your expenditures. But ammunition is more valuable than caps and most of it weighs nothing. This means that when it comes to trading you could literally be buying everything with the hundreds of the extra .45 or 10mm ammo you keep finding or the thousands of near useless .38 bullets that even the Molerats sneer upon when looking for something to munch. I only needed two tiers of this perk to see a monumental increase in my ammunition stores, so if you’re looking to be a one man ammo dump for the masses and strut around with your pockets full of metal and lead, then look no further.


This perk requires 5 points in Intelligence

Now this perk, I was able to get a lot of use from because I enjoyed, and still do, using the Workshop to build my settlements as well as craft and improve my weapons and armour via the workbenches. With Scrapper you are able to scrap your unwanted weapons and armours that you have no need for and they will yield more valuable materials like copper and screws and eventually fibre optics and nuclear material. This two tier perk will allow any would be craft master a far easier time for gathering and sustaining a large supply of resources to pool and draw from for building anything to your hearts content. You can finally have that quad firing, laser pointing missile launcher you always wanted to kill Preston with!


This perk requires 3 points in Agility

Oh the joys of standing from afar, spotting an enemy in the distance, crouching into sneak mode and letting loose a bolt of deadly, unseen death from your gun of choice. When you attack an enemy in sneak mode, your characters damage will multiply and so it makes sense to be able to be a creepy bastard as often as possible – especially on the higher difficulties. Each new tier makes you even harder to spot to the point where at the final level you may as well run up to that nancy boy Deathclaw and flash him your arse before running off again to re-position yourself for that satisfying blast of spectacular murder-boom-death from your gun or your blade. This perk also synergises very well with the Mister Sandman and Ninja perks, so have at it hunters.

Many will argue that there are better perks for your character. I shan’t disagree because there are. Those monstrously effective, higher tiered perks are pretty damned good but I personally like variety and choice and so my characters tend to be good at everything as I slowly build them into a walking apocalypse. You can have your higher tiered cake and eat it, the choice is yours. But, I like to nibble on the appetisers and munch on the main course before I get to the dessert and any character that makes the most of these will be filthy rich, riddled with ammo and resources, hard to hit and nigh unkillable. The raiders of the Commonwealth can suck on my stealth and smoulder in it!

Please, tell me what you think.

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