Dude, You’ll Like This Fella!

The landscape of general media video content is quite an epic and intimidating prospect these days. The explosion of the internet and access to video equipment means that anyone with the passion to explore their inner film and content creator has the potential to unleash their works and projects upon the world. And of course the most popular and widely utilised platform for such a thing these days is YouTube.

Pretty much everyone that I know has had some sort of positive experience with the platform and I myself have become accustomed to consuming this content frequently and from many fascinating and entertaining sources. Amongst the first channels that I subscribed to, and still watch to this day, is SMP Films, a channel created and maintained by one Cory Williams. There are many accolades that You Tube channels and their respective creators can claim to acknowledge. Subscriber numbers and viewership levels are consistently sought after by the vast majority, whether such accomplishments are to be considered the pinnacle of achievement here is up for debate. I personally will always appreciate quality work from a relatively unknown source when compared to a half arsed attempt at political satire from someone with millions of subscribers. But the first person to actually be able to say they made filmmaking through this medium sustainable in any professional manner is this fella and he is recognised as a pioneer of modern day video content creation.

From his early beginnings in California as Mr Safety (still a moniker that is fitting today), where he would showcase his safety tips in all manner of amusing circumstances, right up to now where he is able to give us regular glimpses into his current life as a happily married man. A man who confesses that he loves to ‘do yard work’  as well as capture the world through the lens of his camera in Anchorage, Alaska via his Dude Like Hella channel, Cory Williams has and still does represent one of the most well respected and accomplished content creators in entertainment today. Do you want music videos about ‘Mean Kitties’ and the escapades of a deadly ninja? Done! Do you want vlogs about a man living his dream who wakes up most mornings to exclaim his gratitude for his many ‘beautiful days’ as someone who truly appreciates life? Done! Do you want to see a man try to cleave frozen meat in twain with his skull, expose himself to severe levels of electrocution whilst attempting to paint a picture or have quite the contemplative conversation with several different iterations of his own psyche as he attempts to understand the next phase of his already well experienced existence? Well you can watch that to.

Both my fiancé and I have spent many an hour being amused and enthralled by the adventures of this man and his many accomplices, including his dear wife, and I hope to be able to view them for many more hours to come. So if you have a spare moment or two, you can find his content by searching for SMP Films, Mr Safety, The Mean Kitty and of course, Dude Like Hella on the frantic and ever expanding forum that is You Tube.

So take care folks and G’bye! *waves*

Forged From Reverie.

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