Do you like Cherry Pie?

I bring to you a personal recommendation about a blog written and tended by a friend from across the Atlantic. The author of this site is an Anglo-Canadian living in California who exudes an undiluted passion as she writes about the intricacies of her time from the words of a devoted wife and mother.

She has a wealth of helpful advice and interesting stories about her life that allow for a peak behind the curtain of someone who has experienced so much for someone so young. She also provides a voice of positive assertion that shouts against the darkened clouds of lingering negativity that clutters the thoughts and opinions of many others and I for one welcome her presence on the internet.

So please, Turn Left as you Skate Fast (there is probably a wall or a stairway on the right so best to avoid that!) into a plethora of Double Cherry pudding pie and hopefully you will enjoy consuming every morsel.

– –

Read fantasy, be passionate and take care.

Forged From the Reverie of another.


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