So Spring Has Sprung

As I sit here at my desk, staring out of the window and welcoming the glow of the sunshine and the season that is most looked forward to in any given year, mostly due to problematic temperature issues in Winter, it is clear to all (at least those of us in the northern hemisphere) that Spring has once more returned.

I know, my first proper topic as an Englishman is regarding the weather. Who’d have bloody thought it….very original I know!

I think the thing that bugs me the most about Spring, other than the bugs, is how it constantly takes people by surprise. Every year I hear people talking about how unexpectedly windy it is or where has the deluge of rain bombarding our homes and our heads come from. Yes, there are instances of sunshine beaming down through the clouds that makes most of my countrymen and women want to leave their nests to embrace the glow. And this is precisely what they want. Sun, sun and more sun so sunny that they would happily try to bribe the great big ball of plasma in the sky with vast quantities of biscuits and cloudy cider would the opportunity of an anthropomorphised sun, with a top hat and travel bag, be an actual possibility. And then the wind and the rain jump into spoil the party shortly afterwards, and the same people welcoming their long, lost warm friend from above are now confused and bemused at the sudden change in weather conditions.

And so to the point. This is precisely what Spring is and what most people forget about year after year. That Spring requires wind to spread the seeds, rain to sustain them and sunshine to nourish them. All three factors rolled into one to make this odd season of transition so damned befuddling to us English folks. It is not the fact that it happens every year that I find so compellingly odd, it is the fact that people really should know what to expect by now.

Winter is absolute, and so is the Summer. One is freezing cold and the other a sweat inducing ice-cream fest. There is no overlap between the two and so people are apt to trudge along with the weather with the only comments coming about as a result of them being far too warm (even though 60-70% of England, Scotland and Wales want Summer to be an all year round extravaganza) or far too cold (just put on a bloody coat!). Only Autumn, or Fall, if you’re from the US, can claim to share the same level of ambiguity as Spring. The one big difference being that by the time September rolls around, the Christmas season begins to whiff its way throughout the retail industry and so people start to focus on that until they are firmly arse deep in snow, scarves and Santa’s.

And with that I say let us just enjoy the Spring time for what it is. The birds and the bees will return, and yes there will most likely be an increase in mammalian sexual activity to accompany this pun, and we can finally leave our homes without having to shovel our way out of the front door or defrost our windscreens.

Hello wind and rain, and yes you too sun my old adversary. Just don’t burn my head this year and I think we’ll get along fine.

Forged From Reverie.

Photograph provided by Anthony Nicholas.


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