The Vampire of Broodmire

‘Oh Dimly, my lowly sidekick whom I care little for yet depend on for everything, how I miss the sun and its radiant glow. To walk among the mortal creatures yet to not be one of them, I must endure an eternity of sorrow and neck nuzzling. Such sorrowful nuzzling.’

Billiam Grimbrow stares longingly from the bleak shade of his decrepit looking, yet somehow meticulously kempt balcony as he gazes upon the crowd of actors and part time extras who look young enough to be high school teenagers but are actually likely to be in their mid to late twenties, and ponders the many lost loves of his past. Continue reading “The Vampire of Broodmire”


My Summer Foe

What is the purpose of a fly? Seriously. And by that I am referring to the common housefly that multiplies by the millions when heat and humidity come together to form a force of weather known colloquially in my homeland as ‘this bloody heat’. I’m sure that there is a perfectly reasonable biological explanation for the existence of these little buggers. Probably several considering that the word fly actually refers to an entire genus of species but right now, after weeks of listening to the sound of buzzing as they trespass upon my space and sanity, I care not for the logic of science. 

Even as I am writing this, one of them has decided to intrude. Flying back and forth. Over here and over there. Near the window. Near the door. By the television and on the floor. Bah and meh in equal measure! The agitation brought forth by this feckless fiend is even causing me to write in rhyme and I’ve not the time to adequately describe these sentiments as couplets of poetry in my mind. Curse you fly for your unintentional and grating effect upon my thoughts. Do you not see how you inconvenience me?! Bastard!  Continue reading “My Summer Foe”


Four Oars to Distant Shores

Thunder claps in the greying sky as the merchant ship Garnet continues its voyage to the trade city of Solharbour although unknown to its captain and company, they are missing a few items of value and some crew mates.


‘What’s wrong Jasper?’

Jasper loosens his grip on the oar of the rowboat and holds out his palm as a sharp snap cracks his fingers.

‘Ah, shit Eunan, it’s starting to hail. Why did we get off just now? Couldn’t we have waited until we were closer to port?’

‘If we had waited any longer, the deck hands of the dawn shift would have found us. You’re a noisy git sometimes. I’m surprised you didn’t wake up the entire crew dragging all of that into the boat.’

After a few relatively uneventful months sailing under the employ of the Merchant Guild, these two men of many trades decided that they’d had enough of cleaning pots and cooking meals for their ‘stuck up and stingy with the ale’ merchant captain. Three days, four oars and a rowboat later, they came to the collective decision to relieve their former ship of some of its cumbersome valuables and plentiful supplies and set out in the dead of night to make a profit with the intention of lining their own pockets for once.

‘Wait, why are we sinking?’ asks Eunan with a puzzled frown. Continue reading “Four Oars to Distant Shores”

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